66 Year Old Gogo Blossom Msibi Receives Matric Certificate For The First Time


A 66-year-old grandma Gogo Blossom Msibi from Durban has just received her matric certificate after scaling through the school-leaving qualification exams in flying colors.

Gogo Blossom Msibi was introduced to us in October last year when she was studying towards a school-leaving qualification examination at the Fezisifiso Adult Centre.

She had gone back to school after 51 years without any fears of the qualification exams at all.

Gogo Blossom Msibi was one of the students in the class of 2015 to successfully receive a school-leaving qualification from the Fezisifiso Adult Centre, south of Durban. Gogo had to drop out from school at grade 7 because of financial restraints and family problems.

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She was motivated by the dream she had about wanting to start a crèche and for that, she needs a matric certificate which will make her qualified to start her own crèche.

She elaborates that after many years of sitting at home she has come to realize that education was the key to a successful life.

She achieved 79% for both Maths and Science and scored an average of 69% for her remaining subjects.

“I expected to pass but I didn’t think it would go so well,” she said.

“I’m glad that when I thought of going back to school I didn’t hesitate. Look at me now. I will soon have my own crèche!”

“Studying was easy,” said the gogo.

“Every night before going to bed I would go through everything the teacher taught us the day before. I concentrated and kept my focus on my dream.”

“When I grew up, I wanted to be a nurse and help people but I didn’t get the chance. When I heard there was an adult school in the area, I jumped for joy and registered,” said Blossom.

She said she was aware that she could not qualify to be a nurse now at her age so she decided to do a course to help her run a crèche instead.

Her excellent grades impressed even her teachers, who have applied for funds for her crèche project from the department of education in order to encourage her.

Now, Gogo Blossom Msibi is one step closer to achieving her dreams of owning a crèche.

Everyone has something to learn from this courageous woman of our time. It’s never too late to start and never give up no matter the challenges