Go Get Your ID, It Will Help Home Affairs Fast-Issue Your Death Cert When You’re Gone


Be calm. You’re not dying anytime soon. But then, who knows? Anyway, the Home Affairs Ministry is worried that many South Africans are yet to get their IDs.

And it is a problem for aside the economic and security risk of not having your ID as cited by the Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba‚ when you’re gone, issuing your death cert will be difficult and you might be laid to rest with-no official document to prove that you once existed.

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“There are many security risks that pertain to the police and other institutions‚ but there are also socio-economic risks,” says the Home Affairs Minister.

“For example‚” he went on “when a person with no ID passes away‚ they will be laid to rest without them ever having been known to exist‚ except among their group of friends or family.

It becomes difficult because your burial societies‚ your funerals before you are buried‚ a death certificate must be issued and before it is issued‚ we check at home affairs whether we know of you.

It becomes difficult when we have to issue a handwritten certificate for a South African who never had a birth certificate while they had lived.[SIC]”

With the foregoing, the minister disclosed that there are 200,00 IDs and 5,000 green bar-coded IDs waiting to be collected. He also lamented that there “are still South Africans who don’t have IDs.

We will continue to assist those when they come forward. We continue to assist South Africans because we don’t deny any South Africans their natural right,” he stated.

Gigaba however lectured that the risk of not having an ID “are economic as well as security related. Ideally‚ we would like to know who is in the country‚ where they live‚ what their ID or passport numbers are‚ what their Visa card number is‚ where they obtained it and other details‚” he said.

And added; “it’s difficult to know how many South Africans still don’t have IDs. We think the number would have dropped significantly now since we launched the late registration of birth programme around 2005.”

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