William Bulwane Urges Opposition To Allow ANC Lead The People


Irrespective of Zuma’s woes and plight, it amazes his critics and other opposition parties that he [Zuma] still has the backs of major ANC leaders and his other die-hard fans. And once more, Zuma’s political ally and Free State ANC secretary, William Bulwane has called on opposition parties in South Africa to give the ruling party space to peacefully lead the country.

Speaking to News24 on Wednesday, Bulwane asserted that the ANC is not even worried about the heated call for Zuma to be impeached because it is not a new issue in the country.

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He said,

“The opposition parties will continue with their impeachment, but we are not worried because it is not a special issue. They should give the ANC space to govern the country or they should wait for 2019, and if they win then they will govern the country.”

Bulwane’s call came after opposition parties failed to impeach Jacob Zuma on Tuesday. He added that the ruling party has never neglected their problems and challenges. He however boasted that unity has continued to dominate the party’s camp.

“ANC is not arrogant. We have survived a number of situations and circumstances and we will survive this one – when the Nkandla report came out, people thought we were not going to make it, but we continue to soldier on,” Bulwane added.

Following the impeachment debate, 233 members voted against the motion, 143 voted in favour, and there were no abstentions. It is worthy to note that for the motion to pass, more than 260 MPs needed to vote in favour of it, which would have had to include more than 100 ANC MPs voting against the party line.

The Free State secretary general also pleaded with all and sundry not to give up on the ruling party. He said the ANC is going to reach out to all citizens and explain “our position as the ruling party”. Bulwane gladly asserted that “We have been there for our people… we will always be there for them.”

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Last week, William Bulwane also identified with President Zuma’s apology to the country. Speaking in a meeting in Bloemfontein, he said, “the Provincial Executive Committee welcomes the apology of the president of the ANC and of the republic and accepts that [he] had acted in good faith and that there was no deliberate effort or intention to subvert the Constitution by the President.”

He also expressed gladness that Zuma acted in good faith with regards to the Nkandla situation. Also, various former African National Congress members in the Free State were welcomed back into the organisation last Thursday.

Welcoming the returnees, provincial ANC secretary William Bulwane said “therefore as we deal with the process of applications of these comrades in joining and rejoining the ANC, we expect that such a process would be done at the branches where they live. From here you will go back to your branch where you belong,” he told those who packed into the auditorium at the Mangaung municipality’s main building in Bloemfontein.