Gayton McKenzie: PA Leader To Release A Book Titled ‘Kill Zuma – By Any Means Necessary’


The president of the Patriotic Alliance political party, Gayton McKenzie is set to release his new book titled ‘Kill Zuma – By Any Means Necessary’ on December 14.

McKenzie took to his Twitter page on November 28 and broke the news to his followers. He also shared the cover of the book with his name on it, President Jacob Zuma’s blood-stained face and name written in white and black.

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The South African businessman and motivational speaker also disclosed while responding to one his followers that his new book would contain a chapter titled ‘Con of Codesa’.

McKenzie’s yet-to-be-released book has since divided his followers. While some are curiously asking him if Zuma should be literally killed “by any means necessary”, others demanded to know if the title is figurative.

“Can I assume that the topic of your book will be the character assassination of Zuma?” one reportedly asked one. “Is this a stunt to promote the content and the name will be changed after a court process?” another asked.

Another follower who seems to be eager to have the book on his palms confessed he would love to read the book if it’s about bringing the president down.

“Is this a blueprint for murder? Confusing days what with snipers being hired and found in Zimbabwe. If it’s about attempts to bring down JZ, would love to read it,” McKenzie’s follower on Twitter posted.

Baffled by the growing list of people writing about Zuma, Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama asked McKenzie if he is also writing a book about the president.

“Leader, please man, some of us are hoping the gossip we hear that you writing a book on President Jacob Zuma has truth in it. Too many people say it’s a done deal,” Mngxitama asked.

But Gayton McKenzie seems to have chosen to ignore his question, as no answer was given neither did he leave any comment.

If the PA leader is to be taken seriously, his new book about President Jacob Zuma would be the third to be published recently. Last month, South African renowned investigative journalist, Pauw Jacques published a book about Zuma titled: The President’s Keepers while another book exposing how Zuma allegedly raped Khwesi also hit the South African bookstores.

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While the President’s Keeper’s was warmly received by the President’s critics, the author was blasted by Zuma’s supporters, who demanded an immediate withdrawal of the book from the shelves.