Businessman McKenzie Reveals Why South African Ladies Go For Nigerian Men


Controversial South African businessman Gayton McKenzie has taken the lid off on why South African women always flock to the arms of Nigerian men.

Well, i believe many people know little or nothing about Mc Kenzie – primarily because he’s not really a popular figure. But one amazing thing about the charming young man is that, McKenzie is not only a big masquerade in the business sector, he is also the leader of the Political Alliance (PA).

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Just recently, the ever-busy businessman took time to advise South Africans on men, women, money, and equally on why our ladies prefer guys from the largest Western Africa country (Nigeria).

According to him, Nigerian guys are African “Kings”, they are ladies-men, because they know how to spend cash on willing South Africans ladies. He said unlike South African men, Nigerian men have no time for poems, writing and all whatnot, because they believe money is more valuable and speaks above poems.

McKenzie also advised South African men to go and learn from Nigerians how to treat a woman like a queen because “A relationship cannot last without gifts, this is not the Stone Age.”

To him, South African women usually find comfort in the arms of Nigerians because they (ladies) found out that some drug allegations against Nigerians are lies.

“South African men should forget about the scare tactic of lying about drugs regarding Nigerians, our ladies discovered it’s a blanket lie” McKenzie insisted.

With these, he urged men to work harder for themselves and families in order to make their women happier.

“Nigerian ni**as ain’t got time for poems, they give your girl cash and a good time. Poems don’t buy louboutins,” he said.

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Turning to the women, he encouraged them to hustle for money and not hesitate to act wisely against men that envy hustler ladies.

“When your boyfriend is jealous that you make more money than him, be sure that you [are] dating a child man, real ni**as appreciate hustler ladies,” he warned.

Wow! Gayton McKenzie has really poured out his mind. well, it’s now left for you to either grab or ditch his advise.

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