Social Development Department To Help Bury Twin Birthed In Stranded Bus


Malawian mother who was left with no other choice but to birth her twin boys in a stranded bus on the side of Tom Jones Road in Benoni will receive funeral assistance from the Gauteng Social Development Department, having lost one of the boys.

The baby died on Friday due to complications caused by premature birth. The mother of the twins, Mercy Ndlovu, was part of a group of 38 Malawian nationals who got trapped in a bus for one month after the driver of their bus escaped after the vehicle broke down severally in Gauteng.

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The Malawian mother was seven months pregnant when she went into labour. She said:

“On Tuesday morning, I was not feeling well, I suffered from these weird cramps. I told my sister the babies are coming, the babies are coming.”

Later, Ndlovu had her babies with the help of Miriam Taele, who works across the road from where the bus was parked in Benoni. Taele also played significant roles in fighting for the boy’s life.

Speaking further, Gauteng Social Development Department MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza said the baby boy’s funeral would be held in Benoni on Tuesday. She said:

“We’ll also support as Gauteng Social Development with the burial. So we’ll burying the little one on Tuesday and I’m very grateful at the Methodist Church nearby Benoni who’re willing to do this for us.”

It would have taken the group two days to get home after the bus developed a fault but they helplessly resided in the bus for more than a month, while waiting for help.

Gauteng Social Development Department Renders Help To The Group

However, after the bus driver disappeared, the social department tracked down the owner, who subsequently brought down a new bus for the Malawians.

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“We are delighted that a bus has now been secured thanks to the generosity of a bus company Intercape, who have donated a bus that will transport the rest of the Malawian nationals back home,” Department spokesperson Mbangwa Xaba said.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is en route to Malawi after bus company Intercape stepped in to assist them on their journey back home.

On the other hand, Ndlovu would be staying back for her child’s funeral. She is currently in a stable condition in hospital with the surviving infant.