ANC Premier Makhura’s R11.4 Million Mansion To Be Sold


In a bid to raise additional money for the provision of basic and welfare services; the Gauteng Premier David announced on Tuesday that the province has been mandated to sell his official residence as a cost-cutting measure.

Makhura‚ made this known while speaking in the Gauteng legislature on Tuesday. In addition, the provincial government disclosed that it would use the money raised from the sale of the Bryanston mansion to fund the Township Economic Revitalisation programme and bursaries.

In response to the development, the Gauteng government’s official Twitter account posted: “We are confident that the decision will save us a lot of money and help raise additional resources.”

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Gauteng Premier’s Bryanston mansion was bought in 2014 for R11.4 million but for two years; Premier Makhura deserted the mansion. He opted to live in his own house; despite additional renovations on the mansion that cost R4 million. Makhura said he had wanted to use the Bryanston mansion as the event center for “official business government engagements”.

However, the same residence was occupied by former Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokanyane, who is now Water and Sanitation Minister.

Gauteng Premier David Makhura Laudable Achievements

Since his appointment as Gauteng Premier, David Makhura has made laudable achievements towards the development of the province.

In March, the visionary leader also commissioned an anti-racism team tasked with the responsibility of addressing racism in the province.

In June, he also unveiled an eco car wash project in the Vaal aimed at saving fresh water.

Last week, he announced that Gauteng province will unveil its “revolutionary” township stock exchange in October. He disclosed this at the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry conference in Sandton.

He also used the medium to appeal to captains of industry and business heads in the Gauteng to team up with the government to grow the economy.

According to the Premier, once the stock exchange is inaugurated; it will foster economic growth among township enterprises and quicken the growth of the small businesses in the township.

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“The Township Stock Exchange will go a long way in easing the burden of access to finance carried by most township entrepreneurs. This intervention, which we are undertaking jointly with the private sector; will also help us turn our townships into centers of production and manufacturing,” Makhura said.

He also reassured delegates at the conference that the province is committed to creating 500,000 jobs a year – in order to alleviate Gauteng’s 40% unemployment rate.