127 Funny Chinese Girl and Boy Names

Chinese language is one of the hardest language to learn, it comprises of seven main dialects, Mandarin (官話), Cantonese (廣州話, 廣府話), Hakka (客家話), Wu (吳語), Min (閩語), Xiang (湘語), and Gan (贛語). Learning to read and write the Chinese language can take a long period of time especially for someone who has not in one way or the other been exposed to a Chinese community. Also, speaking Chinese can be very funny to so many English speaking people, Oftentimes, it seems as if One is not making any sense. Chinese languages and names are used in China and in Chinese communities all over the world. To most people especially non-Chinese, the language is only used as a comic relief because of the way it sounds. Some of the names get lost in translation and don’t translate well into English.

Let’s pause here and look into some Funny Chinese Names.

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Funny Chinese Name for Girls & Meaning 


Chinese names may be short, but they’re packed with meaning and sometimes even a bit of history.

1. Baozhai – Stockade of treasures.

2. Yuan – Original

3. Lijuan – Soft

4. Suyin – Simple sounding

5. Changchang – Flourishing

6. Yue – Moon

7. Liling – White jasmine tinkling

8. Zongying – Following talent

9. Shuang – Lively

10. Zhilan – Iris orchid

11. Ying – Clever

12. Xingjuan Lucky and beautiful

13. Min – Quick

14. Yan – Swallow the bird

15. Huian – Obliging, Quiet

16. Dongmei – Younger sister east

17. Yun – Clouds

18. Jingfei – Quiet not

19. Mingxia – Clear halo

20. Jie – Cleanliness

21. Huiqing – Liberal good luck

22. Niu – Girl

23. Qingling – Lucky years

24. Yanmei – Flattering and Seductive

25. Xiaofan – Little ordinary

26. Qingzhao – Clear understanding

27. Xiang – Fragrant, Incense

28. Zhu – Red

29. Tung-Mei – Winter plums

30. Shuchun – Pure beauty

31. Ning – Rest, Tranquillity

32. Changying – Flourishing and Lustrous

33. Guang – Light, Glory

34. Huifang – Kind and Fragrant

35. Jiayi – Auspicious one.

36. Meixiang – Beautiful fragrance

37. Meifeng – Beautiful wind

38. Lanying – Blue glitter or Blue quartz

39. Ting – Slim person

40. Shui  – One who is like a water

41. Suyin – Plain, Unadorned sound

42. Xiaodan – Little dawn

43. Zhu – Bamboo

44. Cai Futong – Chinese name for Tenpay (an online payment system similar to Paypal)

45. Hei Muer – Black fungus

46. Dai Naizhao – Homonym for wearing a bra

47. Fan Jian – Act like a bitch

48. Mimi – Boobs

49. Mao Taimei – Hair too beautiful

50. He – The third mistress

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Funny Chinese Names for Boys & Meaning 

Chinese Names

51. Wai Go Nao – Can you stay awhile

52. Yanyuan – Actor

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53. Koshing – Step by step upwards

54. Kuo – Vast

55. Li – Logic

56. Lim – Forest

57. Tong –  Chatterbox

58. Gao Fushuai – Tall, Rich, Handsome

59. Mao Zexi – East and West

60. Bao Shuang –  Guaranteed satisfaction

61. Cao Nima – Motherfucker

62. Hehehe  

63. Fan Tong – Idiot

64. Hu Jintao – Former Chinese president

65. Zhu Guo – Motherland or Homeland

66. Zhi Fubao – Alipay (the Alibaba’s online payment system founded by Jack Ma)

67. San Dianqiu – Lightning ball

68. Cao Xiaoma – Fuck little horse

69. Ye – Buddha

70. Kong – Empty, Hollow

71. Wu Liuqi – Five, Six, Seven

72. Wang – Tuesday

73. Long – Mystical creature, Dragon

74. Liu – Sexually happy/blessed

75. Lai Gaochao – Come orgasm/climax

76. Xu  – Dog man or bastard

77. Shi Datuo – Big pile of shit

78. Chang Gaochao – Often orgasm/climax

79. Jiang Zemin – Former Chinese president

80. Hao Niubi – Very

81. Xian Youqian – Have money first

82. Xian Youquan – Have power first

83. Zang – Orgasm/climax

84. Bambang – A soldier

85. Bartek – Farmer’s son

86. Benjimen – Right-hand son

87. Bartolomeo – Son of a farmer

88. Biaggio – One who stammers

89. Jing –  Capital city

90. Binyamin – Ploughman

91. Bolin – An elder brother of the rain

92. Change – Adoption of a different route

93. Chaun – The one who has financial and emotional security

94. Dishi – A man of high virtue

95. Dingbang – One who protects his country

96. Fai – Beginning

97. Gang – Hard, Rigid or Strong

98. Horacio – Timekeeper

99. Huang – Bright yellow

100. Kang – Health

101. Luo – Camel

102. Jiao-long – One who looks like a dragon

103. Shen – A spirit

104. Jian – One who is agreeable or sound

105. Jig – Quickly, One who is quick.

106. Jordell – Bee-keeper or Monk

107. Jun – Truth

108. Keung – Universe

109. Kong – Void

110. Wu Mei – Let’s date

111. Dum Gai – Stupid man

112. Lin Yew Lin  – Try saying it quickly

113. Xun – Fast

114. Xiaoping – Little bottle

115. Yin – Voice

116. Duyi – All-one

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Other Funny Chinese Names (Surnames)

117. Tan (in Cantonese)– Fried egg

118. Chan (in Cantonese) – Bankrupt

119. Chin (in Mandarin) – Keep quiet

120. Tai (in Hokkein) – Poor fellow

121. Chen (in Mandarin) – Dusty

122. Soo (in Mandarin) – Fated to lose

123. Tong (in Mandarin) – Rubbish bin

 124. Liaw (in Hokkein) – You are dead

 125. Cheng (in Hokkein) – Touch your buttock

126. Chong (in Mandarin) – Worms-infested bird

127. Leow (in Hokkein) – Lost till…

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