150 Cute Love Nicknames: The Perfect Way To Spice Up Your Relationship

Love is one ‘crazy’ emotion that leaves people always eager to pour out their heart and express their feelings. The best way to show someone that you love and care is to show it expressly.

Truth is, everyone wants to be loved, and it’s a good feeling to feel loved. But we must always remember that love is an action word and there’s no single way to show and express the feeling of love.

While some people avoid love like a plaque, others see it as fun. For any relationship to thrive, there are certain things one must sacrifice and embrace – like having a secret, private pet name for your darling. Do not forget the name you choose really matters.

After searching and finding true love, one major way to add flavour to your relationship is by using love nicknames to address each other. Calling your lover by his/her nickname adds a little fun and intimacy to your romantic relationship or marriage. Yes, nicknames make your relationship with your partner unique.

We’ve compiled a list of heart-melting love nicknames you can use to spice up your relationship. You’ll find them below.

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Cute Love Nicknames to Spice Up Your Relationship

1) Dreamboat

2) Heartthrob

3) Lovebird

4) Lady Love

5) Main Man

6) Main Woman

7) Paramour

8) Patootie

9) Sweet Potato

10) Squeeze

11) Steady

12) Inamorata

13) One and Only

14) My Passion

15) Valentine

16) Dove

17) Honey Bunny

18) Smoochy

19) Baby cake

20) Dream Girl

21) Stud Muffin

22) Sugar Daddy

23) Sugar Momma

24) Shnookums

25) Beautiful Flower

26) Sugar Lips

27) Hot Stuff

28) Hottie

29) Casanova

30) Sweetie

31) Sweetheart

32) My Love

33) Lover

34) Pumpkin

35) Baby

36) Darling

37) Sweetie Pie

38) Baby Doll

39) Love of my Life

40) Heart’s Desire

41) Honey Bun

42) Poubelle

43) Honeybunch

44) Lamb

45) Jewel

46) Loveling

47) Pearl

48) True Love

49) Beautiful

50) Beauty

51) Gem

52) Saint

53) Light of my Life

54) Object of my Affection

55) Angel Face

56) Babe

57) Buttercup

58) Button

59) Cherub

60) Pet

61) Precious

62) Princess

63) Prince

64) My Sweet

65) Sugar

66) Treasure

67) Chica

68) Dumpling

69) Little Angel

70) Little Darling

71) Little Doll

72) Number One

73) Prize

74) Tootsie

75) Doll Face

76) My Idol

77) My Everything

78) My Life

79) Angel

80) Beloved

81) Dear

82) Dearest

83) Dear one

84) Deary

85) Flame

86) Don Juan

87) Lothario

88) Beau

89) elle

90) Sugar Plum

91) Hero

92) Venus

93) Goddess

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94) My Enchantment

95) Object of My Affection

96) True Love

97) Dream Guy

98) Woman of my Dreams

99) Man of my Dreams

100) Teddy Bear

101) Temptress

102) Tigress

103) Sweet Lover

104) Sweet Pea

105) Sweet Peach

106) Sweet Stuff

107) Woobie

108) Wookie

109) Hotcakes

110) Hottie

111) Hubby Wubby

112) Ironman

113) Kit Kat

114) Kitten

115) Dreamlover

116) Firecracker

117) Firefly

118) Fluffy

119) Goose

120) Gorgeous

121) Butterscotch

122) Canoodle

123) Captain

124) Captain Underpants

125) Care Bear

126) Puddin’

127) Pumpkin

128) Punkin’

129) Puppy

130) Pussycat

131) Red Rose

132) Scrumptious

133) Sex Kitten

134) Sex Machine

135) Sweets

136) Sweetums

137) Sweety Cakes

138) Tadwinks

139) Teddy

140) Twinkie

141) Twinkle Toes

142) Waffles

143) Wiggles

144) Witchy

145) Wookums

146) Wuggle Bear

147) Wuggles

148) Sweetie Pie

149) Sweetness

150) Tootsie Roll

153) Tulip

154) Tweetums

155) Yummy Bear

25 Ways to keep your relationship alive and lively

There are a thousand and one ways to express how much you value and cherish someone. Most times, what keeps a relationship bubbly and sparky is not necessarily money or gifts. No! what most people cherish in a relationship include attention, commitment, support in times of need, workable ideas and care.

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Having a deep pocket is excellent and applaudable but there are other ways to keep your relationship going. They include:

  1. Plan a date night.
  2. Support one another’s dreams.
  3. Don’t go to bed angry.
  4. Get a couple’s massage.
  5. Take a trip together.
  6. Team up in the kitchen and cook a new recipe.
  7. Don’t hold on to past grudges.
  8. Write a romantic letter or note.
  9. Be patient with one another.
  10. Flirt with one another.
  11. Focus on the positives instead of the negatives in your relationship.
  12. Say “I love you” more.
  13. Always remember why you fell in love in the first place.
  14. Stay away from the TV, computers, or phones for a night.
  15. Communicate your feelings.
  16. Discuss the future.
  17. Always tell her she’s beautiful or that he’s handsome. He or she is yours!
  18. Make a bucket list together.
  19. Come up with something new each time you two are in the bedroom.
  20. Do not avoid talking about an issue you’ve been sweeping under the carpet.
  21. Put an equal amount of effort into the relationship.
  22. Take a bubble bath together. It helps builds the relationship.
  23. Learn to also spend time together with friends and family.
  24. Once in a while, recount your first date and what actually played out on that day.
  25. Always look happy. Play with each other. Joke around with each other and do something you’re scared of doing as a couple.
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