How to Transfer Airtime on Cell C

With USSD code, you can transfer airtime on Cell C by simply dialing *147#, however, it is important that you understand Cell C’s terms and conditions. Cell C has made it possible to share your Cell C airtime with your friends and the process is very easy. In this post, we have compiled everything you need to know about airtime transfer on Cell C as a prepaid or top customer, from the amount you can transfer to what you can use the transferred airtime to do.

Can You Share Airtime On Cell C?

Yes. You can share airtime on Cell C with any other Cell C customer anywhere and anytime by transferring to them from your own balance. This way, you can stay in touch with your friends and family with ease. The process of airtime transfer is very easy and straight to the point and you can achieve this whether you are using a smartphone or not.

However, you should know that transferred airtime does not come with benefits like SUPACHARGE, Ultrabonus, Mega bonus, or All-in-one. You can only get these benefits when you purchase your airtime directly from Cell C. Also, it is important that you note that transferred airtime cannot be used to pay for emergency airtime.

While there may be some things you cannot do with transferred airtime, there is still a lot you can do. With transferred airtime, you can purchase data and voice bundles.

How To Send Airtime On Cell C

You can send airtime on Cell C using the USSD code or the Cell C mobile app. You should use any method that you feel comfortable with. Here is how to transfer airtime using either of these methods;

What Is Cell C Airtime Transfer USSD?

Cell C airtime transfer USSD code is *147#. Here is how to transfer airtime using the USSD code on Cell C:

  • Dial *147# on your mobile phone
  • Select the “Airtime Share” option
  • Select “Activate Airtime Share”
  • Select the amount of money you wish to share
  • Enter the Cell C Top Up of the prepaid number you wish to send to
  • Confirm the transaction

If you have already registered your SIM to enable it to share airtime, you don’t have to go through the steps above. You can simply Dial *147*333* recipient cell phone number* amount#.

Aside from sending airtime to other Cell C customers, you can also request airtime from other Cell C customers by dialing *147*01*sponsor cell phone number*amount#

How To Transfer Airtime On Cell C Using Cell Mobile App

Smartphone users can also transfer airtime on Cell C using the Cell C mobile app. Although it’s a bit more technical than using USSD code. If you are yet to download and install the app, you can easily do that from the app store or play store. After which, you have to install the app and set it up for use. When you have done this, you can now proceed to transfer airtime:

  • Click on the Hamburger menu
  • Select ‘Services’
  • Click on ‘Share Airtime’
  • Tick the box to accept terms and conditions
  • To add services, click on the toggle switch
  • Select the amount of airtime you wish to share
  • Enter the number you want to transfer airtime to
  • To complete the transaction, Click on Share airtime
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Please note that you have to be careful when entering the mobile number of the person you wish to transfer airtime to. If you enter the wrong number, the airtime goes to the wrong person.

This is important because once you have completed the transfer procedure, it is impossible to reverse it. You can only stop the transfer while the transaction has not been completed.

How Much Airtime Can I Transfer On Cell C?

As we stated earlier, there are certain terms and conditions for transferring money in Cell C, and the minimum and maximum amount of money you can transfer is one of them.

A Cell C Prepaid or Top Up user can only transfer a minimum of R5 and a maximum of R1000 per day. In a month, the total amount of airtime you can transfer from your Cell C mobile line is R10,000.

Meanwhile, as a new prepaid or top-up customer, the first time you are sharing airtime with anyone, you will have to send R50 after which you can send higher amounts. It is also important for you to know that you can only transfer specific amounts. In a single transaction, you can send either of these amounts; R5, R10, R20, or R30.

How Much Does Airtime Transfer On Cell C Cost?

Transfer of airtime is absolutely free and does not cost anything. So you can send as much airtime as you are allowed to without worrying about any extra charge.

Can You Transfer Airtime From Cell C to MTN?

No. Cell C airtime transfer can only be done from one cell C customer to another Cell C customer. If the person you wish to transfer to, uses the MTN network, there are other ways you can send airtime to the person.

You can buy an MTN voucher and send it as a text message to the person or you can send the airtime using your bank app or USSD code.

Can You Transfer Airtime From Cell C to Telkom?

No. You cannot transfer airtime from Cell C to Telkom. This is because they are two different network providers. If it is so important that you send airtime to that person, then you can send a voucher via text message or use your banking mobile app.

Can You Transfer Airtime From Cell C To Vodacom?

No. You can’t transfer airtime from Cell C to Vodacom. You can only transfer airtime to another Cell C customer.

Other Things To Know About Cell C Airtime Transfer

  • Any Cell C customer can transfer airtime to other customers
  • Both the sender and the receiver of the airtime will receive an SMS. The sender will receive an SMS to notify him or her that the transaction was successful and the receiver will receive an SMS to notify him or her of the airtime he/she just received
  • Airtime transfer is free
  • Cell C is allowed to withdraw this service at any time

We hope this article has been helpful to help you know everything you should about Cell C airtime transfer.

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