Popular Afrikaans Names and their Meanings


Afrikaans is a native language of South Africa spoken mostly by the dutch settlers. The language is made up of both Bantu, Malay, Portuguese and Khoisan languages. It started developing right from the 18th century as a result of the migration and subsequent settlement of the Dutch in the area known today as South Africa. Although this language consists of some other languages, the most spoken language still remains the dutch with about 7 million people who speak this language as a native language in South Africa. It is ranked as the third most spoken language with a huge percentage of the population consisting of different races speaking the language. In Namibia it is even used as a lingua franca, it is also spoken widely in Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Because of the amount of people who speak Afrikaans in South Africa, it has become a common practice to give children Afrikaans names. Here are some of Afrikaans names and their meanings.

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List of Popular Afrkaans Names and Meanings

Aba (girl) – Born on thursday

Abu (boy) – Father

Abebi (girl)- We asked and got her

Abina (girl)- Born on Tuesday

Abiba (girl)- Child born after grandmothers death

Adonis (girl)- God of peace and love

Adowa (girl)- Noble

Alake (boy)- One to be honoured

Akpena (girl)- Thanks to God

Andikan (boy)- Conqueror

Ande (boy)- Pillar

Amiri (boy)- Prince

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Aziza (girl)- Precious

Bash (boy)- Forerunner

Bern (boy)- Peace

Bayode (boy)- He Comes With Joy

Berhane (girl) -My light

Bibi (girl)- Daughter of a king, Lady, Grandmother

Jong- young

Kamer- Room

Kankar- Cancer

Kerk- Church

Kerkhof- Cemetery

Koning- King

Koningin- Queen

Lid- Member

Lewe- To Live

Landgoed- Estate



Maagkoors- Typhoid

Maand- Month


Maart- March

Mark- Market

Naam- Name

Nag- Night

Net- Only

Nommer- Number

Nil- Zero

Neef- Male cousin/ Nephew

Onder- Under

Oktober- October

Ongetroud- Single/Unmarried

Onderwyser- Male teacher

Oor- Beyond

oorlewender- Survivor

Ouers- Parents

Ouma- Grandmother

Paas- Easter

Protokol- Protocol

Priester- Priest

Peet- Godfather/Godparents

Predicant- Clergyman/Minister

Pools- Polish

Publiseer- Publish

Pag- Lease

Raad- Council

Reg- Right/Correct

Registreer- Register

Regter- Judge

Rekening- Account

Rivier- River

Saam- Together

Saans- Evening

Seeman- Sailor

Seep- Soap

Sensus- Census

Sertificate- Certificate

Ses- Six