Free State University’s SRC Raised R1.2 Million To Help Poor Students


The University of the Free State (UFS)’s Student Representative Council (SRC) members have raised more than R1.2m for students who cannot afford tuition fees this year.

According to the SRC’s President Lindokuhle Ntuli, the council had received these monies from donations from students, lecturers, businesses and the community. He said SRC members had pledged R500 from their own pockets towards the campaign.

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“Even though the president said no fees will increase this year, we are still faced with the same challenges. No student who qualify should be de-registered this year. It is upon us to raise funds for the poor students to ensure that they get their right to education,” he said.

Ntuli also said that the fundraising which started last year after the #FeesMustFall campaign would be used to help qualified students who are in dire need of food, textbooks and tuition fees.

Speaking on how the donation would reach targeted  students, Ntuli said “Students… would have to approach the SRC offices and sign an application form and then we will assist them with their fees.

He said they have been able to raise R1.2 Million and hoped to reach R5m by April 4. Hopefully the raised amount will go a long way to reaching to the poor students in the university.

We could recall that in October 2015, all universities across the country embarked on nationwide student protests against the rising cost of tertiary education caused by the alleged subsidies reduction for South African universities by the government.

But in reply to the students’ protest, President Zuma, towards the end of the month, announced that university fees would not increase in 2016.

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Meanwhile, Mosa Leteane who was elected the first female president of the SRC in 2014, has been labelled one of the best presidents the student ever had. She will be remembered for using the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) to facilitate the SRC elections.

Other areas where the entire university will remember her include :

  • SRC bank account to raise funds for poor students
  • No American Trips but money aided registration
  • Honours registration fee has been waived
  • 2016 Application fees are no longer applicable
  • Formal review of the UFS Language Policy
  • No Student Hungry Concert among others.