Free State Premier Is Turning The Province Into A Banana Republic; Bought R2.3M Benz For Foreign Diplomats


We can regard the opposition parties in our country as “wailing wailers” all we want, the fact however is that they help in no little manner to check the negative excessiveness of the ruling ANC. For one thing any ANC office holder who’s tempted to abuse and mismanage public funds will surely consider if it’s worth the derogatory remarks the EFF will make regarding such behavior and of course consider if the unending questions of the DA is worth the risk.

Without the wailing opposition parties, we wouldn’t be aware of some unpleasant events going on in our government. We wouldn’t know that the Free State Premier, Ace Magashule purchased a luxury Mercedes-Benz S600L (V222) at a cost of R2.3m, and spent additional R52,000 for a panoramic sunroof and entertainment center just for foreign diplomats to use when they visit Free State.

Lamenting that the Premier is turning the province into a banana republic, DA member of the National Council of Provinces, Roy Jankielsohn, in a media statement related that “The justification for the purchase of this latest Mercedes-Benz S600L, in that the vehicle will be used by foreign diplomats and politicians when visiting the Free State, just does not make sense.”

To him, nothing scream “banana republic” louder than transporting foreign dignitaries in such a luxury ride whereas the people of Free State “have to suffer poor service delivery, poverty and unemployment”.

The Premier’s spokesperson, Tiisetso Makhele, commented that the Premier is committed to hard work and ensuring that the lives of the people of the Free State were transformed for the better, and added that Magashule isn’t responsible for the purchase of the government vehicles.

Meanwhile it was reported that the Premier gave out six brand new Mercedes to Free State traditional leaders earlier this month. While Jankielsohn stated that the money spent on the cars could have assisted victims of drought, he wailed that traditional leaders in the province had abandoned their responsibilities to the people who “continue to suffer in poverty and deprivation”.

However, the chairperson of House of Traditional Leaders, King Lelika Moloi according to News24, dismissed the allegations labeled against the traditional leaders stressing that they were never bribed to help secure votes for next year’s local elections.