Zuma Was Unreasonably Protected By The ANC – ANC Veteran


If the ANC must sail through its present traumatic state; then it must be ready to think on its feet by admitting its wrong, ANC veteran Frank Chikane said.

“…I’m just hoping that as the leadership meets and reflects they will do what the people want to see out of them; take a radical position.

Accept that we have failed as leaders to provide leadership when it was needed; defended the indefensible and in our love for the president lost the confidence of the nation,” he said.

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Making reference to Nkandla debacle, the ANC veteran blamed leaders of the ruling party for overprotecting Zuma and placing him above the masses.

Speaking  at a media briefing in Midrand on Thursday, he said it is proper for the ANC to throw its weight behind its leaders; but not at the expense of South Africans; who elected him into power.

South Africans were cut to the quick when Zuma finally admitted that he truly benefited ‘unduly’ from Nkandla upgrade; and apparently, they did not cork up their feelings when they marched to the polls on August 3.

Moving over to the elections; Chikane said he was not surprised that the ruling party sunk so low in the elections because he had earlier predicted that ‘the soul of the ANC is under attack from forces within’.

Rev Frank Chikane Predicted ANC’s Performance At The Polls

Concerned about piles of corruption and allegations lurking at the ruling party’s corridor; Frank Chikane presented a document captioned: “The Soul of the ANC is Under Attack” to ANC leaders before elections.

Contained in the document are stern warnings of possible free-fall in pivotal metros; a downward turn and huge “loss of confidence” that if not addressed, would lead to lost of major cities and provinces in one to five years; then in the next nine to 14 years‚ would amount to humiliating defeat in the national election.

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Results of the municipal elections showed that the ANC chased its tail despite admitting to spending R1 billion in campaigns and other related activities.

In the meantime, the party’s National Executive Committee are currently holding discussions on elections results and coalition formation.