Qedani Mahlangu: Former Health MEC Suspended From Global Banking School In UK


Former Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu has been suspended from the Global Banking School, where she is studying for her second MBA as a full-time student, according to growing reports.

Mahlangu was reportedly suspended from the business school, located in London, England, based on the ‘severity of allegations’ she’s facing in the country.

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In an email sent The Citizen, the University of Bedfordshire spokesperson Ulrika Meegolla, said Mahlangu’s studies at the prestigious institution was put on hold “given the severity of the allegations” and that the suspension was “on a without prejudice basis in the light of information relating to a tribunal in South Africa.”

Meegolla also set the record straight on previous reports that the former MEC is studying for an MBA at the University of Bedfordshire.

He elucidated that although the Global Banking School is an independent institute, the school is affiliated with the University of Bedfordshire and offers an MBA programme in Banking.

Mahlangu’s attorney, Angelo Christophorou had claimed that she is living in London and is a full-time student at the University of Bedfordshire, and not at the London School of Business and Finance, as widely speculated.

Mahlangu was supposed to appear before arbitration hearings into the deaths of some patients in Gauteng. She was the health MEC when 1,712 mentally-ill patients were transferred from Life Esidemeni facilities to NGOs in 2016, leading to 141 deaths.

Consequently, she was fired and replaced for the debacle. She subsequently went into hiding, leaving the families of the victims to untold sadness.

It was on Monday that multiple sources reported that she now lives in London, where she is studying for her second MBA.

State Advocate Tebogo Hutamo had disclosed that Mahlangu would be unable to testify before the ongoing arbitration hearings because she was currently writing exams, leading the London School of Business and Finance to announce that she is not a registered student at the university and that no exams were scheduled at LSE until January 2018.

This announcement subsequent gave birth to the Global School of Banking affirming that Mahlangu is one of its students and that she has been suspended.

Following the revelation, the chairman of the arbitrary hearing, Justice Dikgang Moseneke, said hearings into the tragic deaths of the patients will not finish until the disgraced MEC and two other senior officials appear before the commission.

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Meanwhile, the ANC in Gauteng said Mahlangu is willing to appear before the tribunal and that she has contacted the office of the arbitrator to make arrangements.