See What The U.S Did For These Hungry Zimbabweans


A generous donation of an extra $20 million coming from the United States will continue the kind gesture of feeding almost half a million hungry Zimbabweans for the next six months. This is to help ease the hunger that has plagued twelve of the country’s districts as a result of being hit by the worst drought they have ever experienced.

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This additional $20 million will make a total of $55 million the amount provided by the United States government to feed hungry Zimbabweans since June last year.

Up to 4 million Zimbabweans have become dependent on charity and can barely survive without food aid following an El Nino-induced drought that has hit Southern African countries and cut the output of the staple maize crop. Both crops and animals were affected by the drought, causing hunger to rampage some of the districts.

The United States Agency for International Development gave Zimbabweans a cause to smile as it said that more than the 450,000 people, who were left to suffer after a food aid programme ended in March, will now continue to receive aid in form of food or cash until October. This should be able to sustain them till the next rainy seasons starts.

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As it is, malnutrition rate in Zimbabwe is currently on the increase. The country is apparently going through an intense hunger strike that has left 4 million people in need of food aid. This Southern African country has endured two years of failed rains, with this year’s problems linked to the El Nino weather pattern. Following this intense malnutrition rate, the UN has warned that hunger rate may lead to something else if nothing is done.

Apart from the US which is a major humanitarian donor in Zimbabwe, other charity organisations are encouraged to come to the aid of these hungry Zimbabweans.