Former Finance Minister David Van Rooyen Says ‘Being Deployed And Redeployed Is Part Of Politics’


When David van Rooyen was axed barely few days after he was named Nhlanhla Nene’s successor, many insinuated that there must be something fishy about his shocking and premature dismissal.

Many of course, had expected that Rooyen would probably shut his door or turn his back against President Zuma for making him a laughing stock. But Rooyen did not, and till date he still remains President Zuma’s “best” finance minister ever.

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This time around, Rooyen, who is currently SA’s Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, has maintained that he did not take President Jacob Zuma’s decision to move him in and out of the finance ministry personal.

Indeed, the amazing minister further said being deployed and redeployed is part of politics.

Politically, we are prepared for such things. Look I got into this thing at an early stage in my life, at the age of 15 years. I was exposed to this way of doing things and we are prepared for some of these things. At any given time, we are ready to be assigned wherever.

Moving away from political matters, Rooyen expressed satisfaction over the progress of the voting registration that took place across local governments.

He stated that over a million people registered to vote this weekend in the upcoming local elections, and problems were experienced at only few stations

Last year, the president faced a lot of criticism after he announced that he was replacing Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene with little known member of the parliament and ANC comrade Van Rooyen.

We will recall that after Zuma’s December 9 shocking (“9/12”) decision, the rand plummeted and financial shares crashed greatly.

And just last month, President Zuma said that the most qualified person that was ever appointed to the office of the finance minister in South Africa during his tenure was Van Rooyen. Zuma told political reporters and editors at the Union Buildings in Pretoria:

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That thing caused such havoc and people think Zuma just woke up one day and took a decision.

You know Des Rooyen is my comrade, MK for that matter, he’s a trained finance and economic comrade and more qualified than any minister I have ever appointed in the finance issue.

However, former African National Congress treasurer-general Mathews Phosa said Nene’s sacking was very “unfortunate” and “not well thought out”.

And that it will take South Africans a long time to recover from the Nene’s removal.

He further alleged that President Jacob Zuma’s decision to appoint David van Rooyen as finance minister was a “brazen attempt to loot the National Treasury”.

“Thank God it failed,” Phosa said. “If Van Rooyen had been allowed to continue as finance minister,” said Phosa, “those who wanted to benefit their friends and family would have found an easy way to siphon money from the Treasury to small, medium and micro enterprises, where they had tenders.”