Beauty Tricks And Products That Keep Flight Attendants Going


Have you ever looked at flight attendants and wonder how they manage to pull off looking flawless and easily happy and chic all day? Well, I do too.

For most people, flight attendants are models of that flawless look that many dreams of but never quite achieve. For most people, it’s not quite easy to go to work in the morning and still look good by evening.

While most people look bleary-eyed at the end of a long flight and can’t seem to get their hair into the right knot, you’ll see attendants still looking as classy and fresh-faced as they did before the flight took off. Really not a good feeling!

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Flight attendants are one group of people who have managed this feat with a certain level of dignity. They not only face the challenge of waking up pretty early every day, they also have to maintain a good look 24/7 and on top of all that, they have to keep it together at 35,000 feet where the body does not quite function as it does on the ground.

Again many ask ‘how do they pull off that effortless flawless look?’

The answer according to the many attendants we talked to boils down to having these range of beauty tricks/products and keeping them handy at all times.

1. Water, Water, And More Water


This might sound odd mostly because water is not considered a beauty product right? Wrong! Water is the first beauty product that humans, in general, cannot do without. It’s the natural way to stay beautiful at all times.

Staying hydrated on water not only keeps you sane, it gives your skin that glow that you are not likely to get from any other beauty product.

They say it is recommended to drink a glass of water for every hour of flight especially since the air up there is drier and the change in temperature can throw the body into a loop. Staying hydrated is the best way to stay refreshed.

2. The Never Faltering Smile

flight-attendant 1

Makeup can only go so far in keeping the face beautiful, but beyond all the mascara and foundation is the smile without which a flight attendant is just like every other person on the flight.

The one thing that flight attendants all over can attest to is the fact that without that never faltering and welcoming smile, the job is not well done. Besides it’s being part of the job, it gives a youthful and happy glow that makes them approachable to all.

Science has also proven that smiling all the time can enhance a youthful look.

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3. The Harlot Red Lipstick

Wearing red lipstick is a compulsory part of an attendant’s job so it’s best to make it count by wearing the best you can find which mostly comes in harlot red.

Red lipstick does not only give the impression of beauty, it beautifies the never faltering smile which they constantly have to wear. The trick here is that even when you are not smiling, you still get to look gorgeous.

4. A Long-Lasting Primer


How long your makeup lasts is all about the Primer. For most flight attendants, a shift can last as long as 10-14 hours, hence the need for make-up to last even longer.

Primers can do just that. However, it is important to get the best brand of Primers as they serve as the anchor for all the other beauty products that will be used in the same routine.

5. The Misty Hydrating Face Spray

Misty face Spray

Extra time for touch ups or not, a hydrating mist spray is the best way to go. It does not only make you feel instant freshness, it ensures that when you eventually touch up, you don’t look cakey and grouchy.

As the air up there gets thinner and the skin dries up, the misty spray restores moisture as fast as you need it, it is, therefore, the go-to essential for all flight attendants.

6. Concealer


Male and female attendants alike can testify to the need to have a concealer handy at all times. Those under eye bags that come from lack of sleep and that one stubborn black mark that has refused to go can always be masked and hidden under the very able mask of a good concealer.

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7. The Ever Popping Eyeliner


Making the eye pop has got to be one of the best beauty secrets of flight attendants and to achieve that, the liquid eyeliner is your go to product. It takes away the sleepy look and helps you achieve the right amount of really dark cat eye without too much drama.

8. The Miracle-Working Hand Cream


Because The hands are the first parts of the body to experience the dryness that happens up in the clouds and because attendants get to touch and shake so many people, it becomes quite necessary for their hands to be moisturized at all times.

Order than that, hand creams are literally life savers. In times of need, a hand cream can double as a lotion for your neck and can help put your hair in order when you need it to obey.

9. The Off Routine

take it off

As good as it feels to look good, taking it all of before you go to bed at night is an even better idea.Yes, it is quite tempting to just fall into the bed and zoom off to dreamland, but that does not help the skin one bit.

The skin needs time to rest and renew while you sleep at night and this is best done without the embodiment of all the makeup used during the day. Accompany this process with the use of a cleanser to remove all excesses and let the magic happen while you sleep.

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10. Stay Away From Caffeine


Caffeine is a strict NO NO for your beauty regimen. Your skin does not need it and neither does your system. More so, there are so many other ways to keep your eyes open and alert for however long you want it.