Malema Predicts Pravin Gordan’s Dismissal


EFF leader Julius Malema has made shocking revelations about South Africa’s embattled finance minister Pravin Gordhan. According to the defiant economic fighter, there was a plot to paint him black and then dismiss him.

He revealed that Gordhan’s re-appointment as finance minister was initially objected by ‘Zuma’s people’ but after much pressure, the undisclosed ‘people’ were pacified with assurance that Gordhan will be removed within a short time.

Speaking during a tour in Khayelitsha township, Cape Town‚ on Monday‚ he told residents: “The finance minister is going to be arrested by Zuma’s government.”

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Malema Predicts Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s End

“When he (Zuma) put Pravin‚ Zuma’s people came to me and said we don’t want Pravin and we know you guys don’t want Pravin.

And we said we are not going to be part of that. I was informed last week that the Guptas came back for their liquidation case and then they told the liquidators not to worry about liquidation because Pravin is going to be arrested and once Pravin is arrested then he is going to be removed.

The argument is going to be that we can’t have a minister who is facing serious charges as a minister of finance‚ then he will be removed and they will put a minister of their choice‚” he added.

Malema however praised Gordhan for revitalizing SA’s dwindling economy but that stated that he wasn’t the people’s favourite.

“We have to choose between two devils. One devil is called Pravin and the other devil is called Van Rooyen. Therefore Pravin is a better devil,” he said.

On the other hand, Malema noted that it is unlawful for the president to interfere in certain matters. His assertions were based on Zuma’s office claiming that rumours about Pravin’s  arrest were untrue.

He said, “Zuma must not know who is going to be arrested and who is not going to be arrested. It is not his job. So the day he says the rumours are wrong then he is confirming that he is interfering.”

“That is wrong. Let us allow the law to take its course no matter what the price it comes with. Let us allow it. So let Pravin go and be cleared by the courts. We believe in his innocence. We know there is nothing wrong he has done. We know they want to finish him off because they want that Treasury so that they can steal the money directly from the Reserve Bank.”

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He alleged that  Zuma was forced by bigwigs to pick Des van Rooyen as finance minister and later replace him with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Malema‚ who arrived in  a white Mercedes Benz flanked by two bodyguards slammed the DA and the ANC for poor service delivery during the tour.

He was however greeted by heaps of rubbish in the area. He quickly said, “I come from a very rural province with a lack of resources but I have never seen rubbish not collected after 40 days.

Every 500m you find rubbish‚ you find porta porta. This place here‚ Taiwan‚ started during the era of the ANC when it was in charge.”

He said the EFF is in Khayelitsha to expose to expose lies by the DA that when they govern they govern much better.

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