Find Out How You Can Join In The Struggle To Fight Sexual Crimes On Children


Sex crimes involving children in South Africa have been on the increase lately which had the Western Cape Social Development department calling on communities to put heads together and support the efforts to combat sex crimes against children.

A shocking statistics released by the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention yesterday revealed that more than 300,000 sexual abuse cases were reported in 2015 nationwide.

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Even worse is the fact that the study also shows that, at least one in three children in South Africa are likely to fall victim to sexual violence by the time they are 17.

Girls are more vulnerable to sexual violence as the Optimus Child Victimisation study shows that in their lifetime, girls are more likely to experience what’s called contact sexual abuse than boys, who showed higher levels of no-contact sexual violence.

According to the study, only 31 percent of girls and no boys reported sexual abuse against them to police. This shows that most young victims are nervous and afraid to come forward to report such offences either to their parents or the police.

In the bid to fight this two-headed monster plaguing our children, the Provincial social development MEC Albert Fritz suggests a collective effort to fight sex crimes against children which had been on the increase.

“We see now an increase in this rape culture that is coming into our communities. It must be stopped. As communities we must take a stand against this.”

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Meanwhile, the study suggested steps that can be taken to help in the fight against sex crimes involving children which include – programmes that promote better parent-teen relationships and a strengthened legislation framework for both the state and NGOs.

This fight cannot be won by one or two persons, but must be fought by all and sundry for a better result.