Female Commuter Claims She Was Drugged With A Marker On The Gautrain


A claim by a female commuter that she was drugged on the Gautrain by a young man using a marker might be the trending technique which people should be wary of.

The young woman who wants to remain anonymous was travelling via Gautrain from Rosebank to Hatfield when the incident happened. She described the young man who allegedly drugged her at the Rosebank Killarney Gazette as a black man, well dressed and well spoken as he was smooth when he talked to her about how he was an activists fighting violence against women and children.

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According to the woman, a conversation ensued between the two and the man informed her about a Facebook page that was dedicated to this cause of fighting for the weak in the society. He then informed his unsuspecting listener that he was trying to make a collage for the Facebook page and he was collecting pictures for it by writing the name of the page on the inside of people’s arms and taking pictures of it.

The woman agreed without suspecting anything and he wrote on her arm, allegedly using three different coloured koki pens, and then took a picture of her arm.

However the woman claimed she could not remember what he wrote. She claimed she developed a sick feeling right after the man started writing on her arm. Afterwards, she attributed her uneasiness to the ink on her arm and washed it off.

I felt dizzy, drowsy and was shaking uncontrollably,” she explained.

I figured that it must be something in the ink on my arm that was making me feel so strange so I took the sleeve of my jersey and some water and washed it off. A man seated across the aisle, wearing a navy blue shirt and jeans, facing me, saw that I had washed the writing off and took a second, cheap phone out of his pocket and sent an SMS,” she said.

Luckily for her, she was able to hold it off until she got to Hatfield and narrated the story to her friend. She was taken to a hospital where a doctor confirmed that she had been drugged.

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Gautrain spokesperson Kesagee Nayager said they are looking into the claims. Though it has not been confirmed yet, it will not cost anyone especially the ladies anything to be more careful with strangers who want to use their arms as marker boards.