Facts About SA Unemployment: Blacks Don’t Create Jobs, Only Whites Do


Addressing the issue of SA unemployment has been one of the key promises made to South Africans but truth be told, no black South African create jobs, only the white race do.

These were the words of a black man called Iman Rappetti on Power FM, to express his observation on who plays good roles in providing jobs in the country.

The anguished man who was later slatted by his “ridiculous comments about the blacks” left no stone unturned in reminding black South Africans to turn inward in addressing their employment issues instead of laying blames.

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SA unemployment rate has risen to over 26.7 percent of the labour force, reaching a 13-year high and the result shows a huge gap between the blacks and the white race.

This rate, according to Statistics SA, is the highest since 2003, when SA unemployment hit the same level – but remains 0.1 percentage point lower than the highest rate seen since 1994, which was in 2002.

The undeniable truth remains that South Africans have inflicted upon themselves a psychological damage that makes it difficult for them to have a conversation without making reference to their racial differences. The black people in South Africa cannot, and must not, have a conversation with and about themselves without reference to whites and without nursing the idea that we exist in relation to white people, not as a nation in itself.

Since independence in 1994, black people have failed to establish massive factories to create jobs for their own people, like the whites have been doing.

The excuse has been that the whites have monopolized the economy even though historical facts points out that at some points, Afrikaners were once where black people are today- poor and uneducated- but today, they have tremendously grown, making a great difference in the economic sector, instead of apportioning blames.

The excuse that we have not done so because of white monopoly capital is lame. Study history, and you will learn that, at some point, they were poor, uneducated, and they lived in rural areas.

For the past 23 years, black people have been in power, but they are still complaining about white monopoly capital. Ours is a complainant government.

Zuma, at his resumption as South Africa’s third democratically elected president, made a promise to bring down SA unemployment to the barest minimum, especially for the black citizens who are way behind the country’s wealth distribution.

But like every black citizen, the president blamed ‘white capital masters’ for stopping him from fulfilling his promise. He said all the country’s money is still in white hands, and that those who were fighting against his reforms were, in fact, on the payrolls of these masters.

In 2011, Zuma promised that his government would create 5 million jobs over 10 years, which meant creating half a million jobs every year between 2010 and 2020. But three years later only half of the envisaged 1.5 million jobs have been created and more are on the way according to a fresh promise made by government for 2019.

Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa said SA government has initiated all the necessary plans to create the jobs. He said not fewer than 6 million jobs will be created through EPWP by 2019. Government will create the 6 million jobs through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

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While we all await the fulfillment of these promises, it is important for blacks to think inwardly and begin to make impact economically so as to speed up growth and development in the country.