Experts Say President Zuma Might Be Having One Of The Worst Week Ever


With the Hawks’ crimes against the state unit being dispatched to parliament ahead of the State of the Nations Address (SONA), President Jacob Zuma might find himself in an economic political, social and legal challenge this week.

One of the political challenges Zuma might be having this time is with the EFF especially as its leader, Julius Malema, assured the president of a tough time ahead of him this week if he refuses to make a public apology for dismissing Nene in December last year.

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In addition to this, EFF’s Malema also promised that 5,000 party members would march to the Constitutional Court for Zuma’s hearing this week and said that they’d do the same later this week at the State of the Nation address in Cape Town.

“We are going to come and challenge the president – when the white shirts come marching in, that’s when the gymnastics will begin,” Malema said.

This might be the reason President Zuma’s security details increased to three separate police units standing guard over him ahead of the up-coming SONA address. Officials even suggested an exclusion radius of 2km around the president while he delivers his speech in parliament, but that would have closed of the entire Cape Town city center and the idea was shot down.

The City of Cape Town had prepared itself to take up their planned marches on the day the president would give his speech. Cape town approved three different marches to take place on the day of the address.

More so, city press reported that the Hawks’ crimes against the state unit has been dispatched to parliament ahead of SONA and Zuma has been prepping himself to face the coming storm. The president is directly involved in the Con Court case against himself. By so doing, the lawyers would be taking him through the case.

Local and foreign investors on the other hand, are bracing themselves up against some economic challenges that they might face in the run-up and throughout the budget speech later this month. Zuma’s SONA address has been said to be of more importance than the budget speech.

Ahead of the speech, an Investec economist Kamilla Kaplan postulates that the SONA address would be against a backdrop of economic under performance‚ high unemployment‚ deeply depressed consumer and business confidence and rising government debt levels. The speech, which is expected to be made this week, would have  great effect not just on the president but also on the entire country.

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