Onarelona Shares Her Shocking Experience After Divorcing Rapper ProVerb


Renowned TV personality and Rapper ProVerb and his estranged wife Onarelona made a public announcement of their divorce eight months ago following an alleged cheating scandal.

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After Eight months of silence on her divorce‚ Onarelona has decided to inspire other women going through the same ordeal. According to her, she chose to be quiet up until now because she wanted to protect her family.

“So 8 months later after I left my marriage‚ I get requests to speak out about my divorce. The reason why I don’t share much about the experience is to protect my family‚ the father of my kids and everyone involved.”

It appears that Onarelona had a lot to learn from her divorce as she revealed while sharing her journey with the world.

“It feels like death‚ a loss that only God can restore. I want you to trust me when I say‚ there is life after death. No amount of public humiliation has broken me down rather it has given me more strength and power to face anything that life throws at me.”

Overwhelmed by emotion, she recalled what it felt like when the cheating allegations hit the media and spread. Weekend papers broke the news with her ex-husband Rapper ProVerb who confirmed the reports on his Twitter account, but asked people not to judge his wife. His wife however, knew that she will be judged.

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“When the story broke‚ I was devastated‚ I knew I was about to loose everything and my life was going change completely. I would face judgment not only from my families but the entire South Africa.”

Amid all the ‘judgment’ and ‘public humiliation’‚ Onarelona says she found her peace and purpose by praying and believing in herself and encourages other women to do the same. Onarelona added:

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Strengthen your mind and soul.”

“The days are not the same but trust me God loves all of us. God knows your heart and will always be with you. God will place the right people to support you,”