Evicted White Commercial Farmers Feed Zimbabwe From Zambia


White commercial farmers who were evicted during the land reform policy that enabled the seizure of land from white farmers in Zimbabwe are now the source of food supply to the nation bedeviled by famine.

According to reports, President Robert Mugabe acknowledged that the maize import from Zambia to Zimbabwe is coming from white commercial farmers who were chased from their land in Zimbabwe.

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Reporting this, dailynews related that Mugabe who was “speaking at a Zanu PF rally held at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura,…said the country was importing tonnes of the staple maize grain from Zambia to plug a deficit after bad weather affected the crop from the current farming season.”

He was quoted to have said; “…iye zvino tiri kutenga chibage kuZambia, Zambia yakatora mabhunu aiva kuno ndokuvapa nzvimbo ndosaka vaine chibage chakawanda kupfuura chavanoda ivo…”

Essential, the old leader said – “at the moment we are importing maize from Zambia, Zambia gave former Zimbabwean white commercial farmers land and that’s why they have surplus food.”

The herald reported that Zimbabwean government took delivery of over 500 000 tonnes of grain which is almost half of what the country needed to manage the scarcity of food until December.

“The target for the importation program is 1 361 452 metric tonnes and to date, 526 802 metric tonnes have been imported,” disclosed Ringson Chitsiko, the permanent secretary in the nation’s Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development.

According to Chitsiko, “contract for maize importation for 630 000 metric tonnes were signed between the Grain Marketing Board and private players. Of these contracts, a total of 129 000 metric tonnes of grain have been delivered.”

Malnutrition rate in the country is currently on the increase as the nation is going through an intense hunger. The government once asked for help in raising $1.5bn to help save more than a quarter of the population from starving to death.

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