Everything Is Wrong In Zimbabwe As 5,000 Zimbabweans Flee To South Africa Everyday


Isn’t that frightening? South Africa is not the biblical Cannan land, the country is not flowing with any “milk and honey”, South Africans are pretty much deprived like the Zimbabweans, so Zimbabweans can as well stay back in their country, or find a better country to invade. South Africa is fast becoming the twin sister of Zimbabwe, and with 5,000 Zimbabweans moving into South Africa each day, the transformation process will simply speed-up.

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According to renowned Zimbabwean economist Eddie Cross, in an article titled “The deepening crisis in Zimbabwe“, it is justifiable for Zimbabweans to be fed up with the continuous state of crisis in Zimbabwe, they should however pay attention to its implications which as highlighted by Eddie, will spell more major deterioration of the country. Eddie related that “every aspect of life is affected by the economy and how it is performing.” and that Zimbabwe’s economy “has resumed the downwards slide that characterized the economy from 1997 to 2008.”

Eddie further lamented that the devastating condition of Zimbabwe will forever cripple the country to such extent that the nation will pull down their neighbor nations and “impede their own progress into the future.” Some of the issues as identified by Eddie plaguing Zimbabwe are as under-listed:

  1. Zimbabwe as a “state is now incapable of maintaining itself and meeting its essential obligations”. And the devastating consequences of this inability will be fully established come end of this year. Hospitals according to Eddie, will be unable to function except as mortuaries and schools will become daycare centers for young people who will not get any education. Zimbabweans in the diaspora “will strive to keep their extended families fed but there will be little money left over for anything else.”
  2. “Inflows to State coffers have shrunk and suddenly there is no money in the markets. Companies are retrenching staff or simply winding up their affairs. Also, “company closures will accelerate, incoming investment will continue to be restricted by investor sentiment and capital outflows by residents and companies will continue, draining away whatever liquidity is being created.”
  3. Real hunger and deprivation is now common in all rural districts of Zimbabwe unlike as seen in the 2008 crisis. “The shops are full of everything you might desire or need”. But this time, Zimbabweans “do not have the money to buy what they see in the stores”.
  4. Zimbabwe’s “agricultural sector is in dire straits and will contract again this year”. As such representing the steady and fast decline in output and agricultural activities since the advent of farm invasions in 2000.
  5. Come December, the government may be forced to shut down the whole power plant. This will result to the withdrawal of Zimbabwe’s 70% source of reliable and inexpensive power.

With the issues identified above, “continuing human right abuse, political killings and disappearances, human flight has resumed with a vengeance into any country that will have our economic refugees”… up to 5000 people a day are now crossing Zimbabwean’s southern borders into South Africa, “more than 40 000 a week or 2 million people this year. Some will return but the majority will stay and seek new lives, can South Africa take such an additional burden at this time? They may deport as many as they can, but the number of people coming in would still outweigh the number of people being deported.

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