Even If Zuma Is Laughing All Through During Sona, Nobody Is Permitted To Interrupt Him


Although most of us have concluded that the president will be having another good laugh in the upcoming State of the Nation address (Sona), we anticipate the event. If not for anything, it’s been insinuated that many are more interested in knowing the actions of the opposition parties in the event than what Mr president will be saying.

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Well, if you’ve been anticipating the actions and not the address, you’re in for a huge shock. There is a new rule that empowers Parliament to remove any turbulent and non-submissive Member of Parliament. Parliament is hoping the new rule will ensure the Sona event happens unruffled and ultimately, allow the president to deliver his address which will take place next Thursday evening.

In a press briefing, Gengezi Mgidlana, Secretary to Parliament alongside other officials recounted that the previous Sona was ruffled when the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) jammed cellphone signals and were forcefully removed when they rejected the presiding officer’s order to leave.

The Secretary was certain the new rule will help the event run smoothly. When he was asked if Members of Parliament will abide by the new rule permitting the removal of rebellious Mps, Mgidlana responded stating; “we have honorable members who themselves debated these issues and agreed on these issues… We have no reason on our side as the administration to second-guess them in that regard.”

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that there will be no such thing as ‘point of order’ or ‘privilege’ when Zuma is speaking. They are however, allowed when parties debate his speech over two days the following week.

According to the Secretary, the security will be strengthened during Sona and nobody will get to jam the cellphone signal again.

Meanwhile, Mangosuthu Buthelezi had earlier on advised that the president come clean during the Sona address and blame himself for mismanaging the country. To Buthelezi; “there is far too much the president doesn’t say during Sona which needs to be said…I want the president to be honest about the depth of the economic crisis we find ourselves in, and about the fact that we didn’t arrive here by accident, but because of poor economic policies.”

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