Evading The Traumatic Experience Of Being Pulled Over By Police Officers In SA


“Our police officers put their lives on the line for us every single day. They’ve got a tough job to do to maintain public safety and hold accountable those who break the law.”

Assume you’re one of those that in a way or the other have been forced to swallow a bitter pill by the South African police will you agree with the above statement or just scream “hell no!” In all likelihood, you’ll go for “hell no”. You’re not alone, all the motorists in South Africa are equally screaming “hell no” when they are flagged down by police officer(s) in south Africa.

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Reasons abounds as to why these motorist are unwilling to stop when asked to by our law enforcers. These reasons ranges from criminals cloning as police officers, South African police officers culture of brutality, to the officers themselves masterminding huge criminal activities.


Highly disappointing, South Africa is the most crime ridden country. This is officially justified as it is no longer a secret that the South African Police Service (SAPS) employs convicted criminals. In respect to all this, it is usually, a dreaded moment for motorists to be flagged down by police officers. Most motorist have tried to evade such moments by attempting to speed off and unfortunately, many of such motorist have been shot dead by real police officer(s).

Eugene Msomi a senior superintendent police spokesman once confirmed this shooting incidents when he advised motorist not to speed off. He rather suggested they “slow down” for if they speed off and try to outrun them (the police), “they will shoot you…”

Now, this presents a dilemma. For you might just stop and join the huge list victims in South Africa or decide to escape and get killed. The end result of both options are not so desirable. As such, the question; “what do I do when stopped by the police” has always been a major concern in South Africa.

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While most of the responses to the said question remain unsatisfactory, a better response is presented below by AA. As found on their page, “the main points of the new protocol when being flagged by police are:

  • Slow down to 40km/h and turn your hazard lights on;
  • Place your right arm out the window and gesture for the vehicle to follow you;
  • Proceed to the nearest police or petrol station – a well-lit and safe area;
  • Call 10111 and try to get the registration number of the car following you;
  • Inform the operator that you are being flagged down by a police officer and are stopping at a safe place;
  • When you arrive at the police or petrol station, remain in the vehicle until instructed otherwise by an officer.”

Nevertheless, this better response is worrisome since it would be difficult to determine at what point the police would decide you’re speeding off and start shooting? As long as this questions is unanswered, the best way to avoid this trouble is to stay away from South Africa or better still avoid driving as much as possible.