Eskom 51% Black Ownership Policy: The Fighters Want More


The fighters welcomed Eskom 51% black ownership of Exxaro and all of its other supplies but, asked for more.

The party (Economic Freedom Fighters) charged all state-owned companies to follow suit saying it will table a special draft resolution in Parliament on the issue.

EFF anticipates that the draft resolution would results in a legislative requirement for all State and State Owned Company’s suppliers to have 51% black ownership, which would primarily be through workers ownership schemes.

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Juju’s party strongly believes that it’s right for all other state-owned companies to adopt procurement policies that instruct their suppliers to have 51% black ownership through workers ownership schemes.

“This way, many workers will begin to benefit from the companies they work for. This is consistent with the demands the Economic Freedom March.

As the EFF, we believe that 51% black ownership must be awarded to workers and not BEE schemes that benefit few individuals.

BEE has for many years been used as a vehicle to empower few black individuals who are in actual fact, gatekeepers of white monopoly capital.

BEE Ownership must never mean empowerment of few black individuals,” stated the party.

“We believe Eskom 51% black ownership policy must be strictly applicable to all Eskom suppliers…We encourage Eskom to instruct Exxaro and all its other suppliers to have 51% black ownership through workers ownership schemes.

And, must never retreat on the demand that Exxaro must be empowered at minimum of 51%. This should be so because in anyway, the Mines which Exxaro mines coal from are assets that are largely owned by Eskom,” added Malema’s party.

Meanwhile, BuzzSouthAfrica has been informed that the North West Department of Local Government and Human Settlements together with Eskom and municipalities around the province, is hard at work to ensure that there is no electricity blackouts in all municipalities.

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The efforts follow the intention by Eskom to implement power cuts in some municipalities which are not paying their services.