Present SA Worse Than Apartheid State, Entire ANC NEC Must Resign – ANC Chief Whip


According to the ruling party’s chief whip Jackson Mthembu, South Africa is in a deep, nasty shit uglier than the mess of the apartheid state.

Here’s Mthembu’s sentiment – the apartheid state didn’t treat their ministers the way the present government is.

Reports have it that the ANC chief whip is pissed with President Zuma for his use of stated resource to hunt the Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan.

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“When you see these things being done by a democratic state” Mthembu wailed, “your heart jumps. We are not only equal to the apartheid state, we are worse. Because, they never treated their ministers like this.”

To Mthembu, it’s not cool the ANC NEC allowed the ANC government to fight its minister using state structures.

As such he called on the entire National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC to resign, arguing that they have failed South Africa and ANC.

The chief whip warned that the ruling party could be butted out of power in the 2019 elections if the entire ANC NEC refuse to heed his resignation call.

Mthembu buttresses that his resignation call follows the NEC assertion that no one in particular was responsible for the ANC’s poor performance at the local government election polls.

He said: “since we have then agreed that we will take collective responsibility for that, I then said to the national executive committee perhaps we must also take a collective fall.

“If we don’t do this thing then the ANC will lose the mission that is tasked with the total liberation of our people, they will be out of power come 2019.”

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On behalf of the ANC, Zizi Kodwa reacted to Mthembu’s call urging ANC members to stop speaking about internal issues in public.

“We must restrain ourselves from making public statements, particularly in the media… It would be irresponsible of the NEC to resign because it did not elect itself.  It’s not accountable to itself, it’s accountable to the branches of the ANC,” stated Kodwa.

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