The Entire ANC Leadership Must Resign So We Can Start Afresh – Pityana


The Former Department of Foreign Affairs director general, Sipho Pityana, has called for the entire leadership of the ruling African national Congress to step aside for the good of the party and the state’s democracy.

Speaking on the Justice Factor on Monday night, Pityana pointed out that the SA system has been largely compromised and many within the organization had been captured.

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Hence, according to him, the Zuma and the ANC leader must resign for accountability sake.

“He should resign as the president of the country and that is what accountability is all about. It is not possible that they can’t see that the country is going through the kind of mayhem and mess it is going through.

“It can’t be right that he should want to go down with the organization and it can’t be right that the leadership would allow him to go down.”

Pityana’s recent call echoes his statements during the Makhenkesi Stofile’s funeral ceremony where he slammed President Zuma for playing major role in the political mayhem in the country.

There, he said,

“If the president was here, I would have asked, begged, pleaded with him, I would have prayed. I would say to him hand over the reins.

“Our setbacks are self-inflicted. We have ceded our moral high ground to the opponents. We say we are a party of the constitution and we have a right to say so. But many doubt it because we give them reason to do so. For, no lesser person that the president of our movement and our country takes every opportunity to show nothing but disdain and contempt for our constitution.”

The party’s poor performance at the local government elections have exposed the leadership of president Jacob Zuma and the entire party leaders to more criticism with an increasing number calling for their resignation.

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The ANC is due to hold an elective conference in December 2017 where issues concerning the state of the party will be largely discussed and well treated ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Speaking on this, Pityana noted that an early elective conference may resolve some of the challenges facing the governing party.

He also pointed out that the elective conference “has to be credible and the only way it can be credible is when we accept that part of the problem is that some in the leadership of this organization are captured”.

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