Eldorado Park Community Blames Justice System For Upsurge In Drug Addiction


During a door-to-door campaign in preparation for the August elections, Jacob Zuma was welcomed with cheers when he visited the drug stricken Eldorado Park community‚ south west of Johannesburg on Thursday.

The president’s last visit to Eldorado Park was in 2013 when he made a solemn promise to a mother named Delarine James, whose son has been battling with drug abuse for more than six years.

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The mother swore to create an awareness on the issue of drug abuse which was such a big torn in the flesh for her community.

In her determination, James took a very bold step. “I wrote to [President Zuma ]‚ to let him know how badly the drugs were consuming this community‚” said James.

The determined mother took a firm stand and literally sacrificed everything to get her son clean by running a drug free centre in the community.

“I lost my house‚ my car and am now living at home with my mother. My son has now been clean for three months‚” James said.

Adding that as a community, they wouldn’t wait on the government before taking necessary actions.

“We never gave up. We kept on asking when we would be heard.” James said.

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However, James lamented that the justice system is not helping matters in their struggled to keep the youth drug free.

“From January to March this year about 75 drug dealers were arrested under a special operation. But the problem is still the justice system. Drug dealers get arrested and are soon back in the streets. It’s very hard for these guys to stay clean when there are still drugs in the community‚” James lamented.