Twitter Attacks Elana Afrika For Her ‘Insensitive’ Comment About Domestic Workers


Perhaps she thought she was making a point with her tweet, but TV personality Elana Afrika didn’t bargain for what followed.

Elana sparked outrage on social media after her comments about how cleaning houses for a living can be therapeutic as well.

Her followers frowned at this and soon slammed her for it. Subsequently, the comment was described as “insensitive” and “disrespectful” towards domestic workers who struggle to make ends meet through their minimum wage.

Apparently, Elana is going to taste the wrath of Twitter for suggesting that she understands why people can afford to clean houses for a living.

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Consequently, a lot of her followers were shocked and angered by her comment. The situation didn’t get any better considering the fact that she is married to a white man.

Elana Afrika

Thus, tweeps didn’t mince words in telling her that she’s disrespecting those who had no choice but to clean houses for a living. This is worsened by the fact that the country is filled with people who have no choice but to clean houses for a living.

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Here are some of the responses from angry followers;

When she noticed that the heat was turning up fast, Elana responded to one of the tweets, telling the follower that she’s too serious.

However, she later offered a subtle apology to a follower, saying she never meant to disrespect anyone.

There’s no way to guarantee that this is the end of the outrage as Mzansi has no chill.

Elana Afrika and Ian Bredenkamp welcomed their first child together in March 2015. The presenter Elana and radio DJ Ian both took to social media to announce the birth of their baby girl, Esther Beth Afrika-BredenKamp. They also thanked fans for keeping them in their prayers.