EFF Abstains From Coalition, Vows To Stop ANC Mayoral Candidates From Winning Metros


The EFF has given the African National Congress (ANC) another reason to curse the day they threw Julius Sello Malema out of the ruling party’s camp.

While the ANC is striving hard to get a grip on itself after it went into massive and humiliating free-fall in the municipal elections; the EFF decided to cut the ruling party to the quick.

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Speaking to reporters in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg on Wednesday; the EFF reiterated its decision not to form a coalition with either the DA or the ANC strictly because it wants to be the ‘watchdog’.

The Malema-led party dubbed ‘the Kingmaker’ decided to let go of a coalition with the DA and ANC yesterday; primarily because South Africans did not give the party an opportunity to lead them; secondly because it takes pleasure in attacking ‘misleading’ ANC and thirdly, the DA and the ANC failed to give the EFF ‘substantial’ reasons why both should be crowned king in the hung municipalities.

“We are happy to tell our people that we will not be going into coalition with anyone. The EFF will assume seats as the opposition. EFF must not get power through shortcuts,” Malema said.

Julius Sello Malema To Support DA

Nevertheless, the radical party said it won’t sit on the fence at hung municipalities as the Democratic Alliance will have their full support in three hung municipalities – Tshwane; Johannesburg; Ekurhuleni and Nelson Mandela Bay while the IFP will receive their maximum support in KwaZulu-Natal.

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For the ANC, the EFF vowed to ensure that every mayoral candidate of the ANC fails woefully. By so doing, “you have taken away power from the ANC….We are the biggest enemy of the ANC,” Julius Sello Malema added.

The ANC is currently caught in the web of confusion and instability; as the party battles harder to secure a coalition with smaller parties in key metros – Tshwane; Johannesburg; Ekurhuleni; Mogale City in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape’s Nelson Mandela Bay.

Meanwhile, reports said Saturday is the deadline for councils to be constituted.

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