EFF Want Zuma To Shove The Arms Deal Report Up His There


“We advise Jacob Zuma to take that arms deal report from the Seriti Commission and throw it in his fire-pool,” says the fighters.

That’s the response the President got from the EFF for the arms deal report from the Commission of Inquiry into the Strategic Defense Procurement Packages.

President Zuma in the report, said there’s “no single iota of evidence…that undue or improper influence played any role in the selection of the preferred bidders which subsequently entered into contracts with the government.”

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The EFF nonetheless advised the President to throw the arms deal report in his fire-pool. To them, there are enough evidences highlighting the criminal extent of the arms deal, and they “cannot with good conscience take the report by the Seriti Commission seriously.

It must be dismissed and rejected with the contempt it deserves. The South African public must rest assured the EFF government will ensure that the Arms deal corruption is decisively dealt with and that all criminals involved, including Zuma, are prosecuted and sent to jail where they belong,” the opposition party promised.

Malema’s party described the arms deal report as “an attempt by the corrupt ANC government to whitewash the irrefutable acts of corruption”. According to them, it is inconceivable that the Seriti Commission arrived at the conclusion that there was no “iota” of corruption in the arms deal after they spent millions of taxpayers funds.

“This conclusion flies against the the judgment by Judge Hillary Squires which convicted Shabir Shaik on charges of corruption relating to this arms deal. Shaik was convicted specifically for his incontrovertible corrupt relationship he had enjoyed with Jacob Zuma.

Evidence present in the court to secure the conviction of Shaik revealed payment of bribes by Thales to Jacob Zuma, which were later used to initiate the construction of his Nkandla museum of corruption.

The same Thales has been accused of paying the ANC bribes amount to €1 million through a cheque received by the then ANC Treasurer General Mendi Msimang.

Furthermore, Tony Yengeni was convicted of fraud relating to the discount he received on a Mercedes Benz SUV from a company with interest in the arms deal,” EFF argued.

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With the other evidences the EFF highlighted, they stated that the Seriti Commission “follows in the footsteps of other laughable processes instituted by Zuma and those who work tirelessly to protect him from prosecution and any lawful attempts to hold him accountable.”

As such, they insisted he take the arms deal report and shove it up his… sorry i meant throw it in his fire-pool.

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