Black African Men Increasingly Forming Bond With EFF


A recent study by the South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS) revealed that EFF supporters feel more love from their party than the ANC and DA supporters do.

The study highlighted that EFF supporters are fewer in number than the ANC’s and DA’s supporters. But then, stressed that they feel very close to their party than the supporters of the two SA major parties.

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According to the study, the supporters “feelings of closeness” to the ANC and DA have slowly and steadily dwindled over a seven-year period.

As revealed by the South African Social Attitudes Survey, the number of ANC supporters who said they felt either not close or not at all close to the party increased from 14% in 2008 to 22% in 2015.

Also, 12% of DA supporters felt this way in 2008. The percentage however increased to 23 in 2015.

The figure compared with the result from the EFF supporters, showed that the fighters have stronger bond with the EFF. 55% of the party members said they are closely bond with the party.

The study sampled 3500 adults living in private homes. And, the data was collected by the Human Sciences Research Council’s Jare Struwig, Stephen Gordon and Benjamin Roberts.

Black African Men Increasingly Forming Bond With EFF

Among other things, the study found that racial minorities are most likely to vote for the DA.

Majority of black adults indicated the ANC as their party of choice. Nonetheless, it was found that fewer black men pledge their allegiance to the ANC in 2015 than in 2010.

Also, Indian women are more willing to identify with the DA in 2015 than in 2008.

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An excerpt from the survey report read: “Racial minority members tend, on average, to name the DA as the party they feel close to and the aggregated level of attachment has grown for certain groups.

In 2008, for instance, 25% of colored women selected the DA, but in 2015, 44% of this group selected this party.

…It was interesting to note that almost a tenth (9%) of black African men named the EFF as the party they felt close to in 2015,” added the report.