Dark Cloud Still Hanging Over EFF Leader Who Defied The Party’s Directive


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) top official Alfred Skhosana’s political career is currently in dire straits; for violating salary cut instruction of the Malema-led party.

Skhosana, Mpumalanga secretary of the EFF started facing the chill after he refused to hand over 15% levy from his salary to the party.

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In September, all EFF’s members of legislatures across the country were requested to pay 15 percent of their monthly salaries to the party while the party’s newly-elected 826 councillors were required to pay 50 percent of their monthly salaries for three months.

According to Malema, the purpose of “the levy is to help EFF not to be captured by private donors.” He added that part of it will also be used to repay monies borrowed by the party.

Following the directive, reports say Skhosana went to the bank and reversed the levy back to his account; after it was deducted from his salary. Appalled by this act, he was suspended on August 29 for dodging the compulsory levy.

Alfred Skhosana Appeared Before EFF’s Disciplinary Committee

After his suspension, he also appeared before EFF’s internal disciplinary committee – precisely two weeks ago. Speaking on Monday, EFF’s acting national spokesperson, Fana Mokoena confirmed that the disciplinary hearing happened two weeks ago and that the party is still waiting for its outcomes.

Mokoena stressed that the party decided to take the salary cut matter seriously because the EFF funds itself.

“We have always said that we are self-funding and get money from Parliament which all parties get. And we have always and repeated that we are not funded by anyone in London,” he emphasised.

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However, even after his suspension, Alfred Skhosana maintained that the EFF is the “only party in South Africa with policies that speak directly to the poor”. He said he has never regretted his decision to cut ties with the ruling party and to join the EFF.

He joined the EFF in 2012 from the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) where he was serving the movement in its Nkangala regional task team in Mpumalanga.