Ask God To Do To Zuma What He Did To Pharaoh This Easter, EFF Begs South Africans


The Economic Freedom Fighters wished South Africans a revolutionary Easter asking that they pray to the Heavenly Father to do President Zuma what he did to the biblical Pharaoh.

EFF urged South Africans to embrace the central emphasis of selflessness the remembrance of the brutal death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection represents.

To them, selflessness is scarce in South Africa. “Many believe that to live a fulfilling life, one must pursue their self-interest, even to the detriment of all,” EFF expressed. 

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Affirming that Christian teaching upholds the death of Jesus as an act of love by God, Malema’s party said:

“Thus, each Easter we must celebrate love, essentially defined as self-sacrifice and selflessness. This is important because all the tribulations our world faces, from capitalist greed to kleptocratic gluttony is due to society that has inculcated self-interest as the goal of all life.

“We call on all worshipers who will embark on different pilgrims to remember to pray for peace in Syria. We urge you to remember to pray for stability in Sudan and many regions that are still war-torn. 

“We make prayer requests also for our country that like God did with Pharaoh’s heart, may he also change Zuma’s heart to accept that he must resign without plunging the country into even more crisis and instability. We also ask that we remember the people of Palestine who continue to live under the brutal murderous apartheid regime of Israel,” EFF stated.

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Thereafter, EFF disclosed that it have donated blood for this Easter time to ensure that lives are saved in accidents. As disclosed, 435 members of the party donated blood on the 31st of March to contribute to the blood bank at the South African National Blood Service.

That, added 217,5 liters of blood to the country’s blood bank.

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