EFF Reps Kicked Out For Flouting Dress Code


Four EFF Councilors were forcefully removed from a Mbizana council meeting for allegedly flouting dress code rules.

A 90-year old Mthuthuzeli Spelman – and three fellow-Councilors, Nwabisa Langasiki, Penelope Sobhoyi and Lungiswa Nqodi – were forced out for wearing their party’s trademark red overalls and gumboots at the Mbizana meeting held on Monday.

The party members were forced out after they resisted the security men who pleaded with them to quietly leave.

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Speaking on this, Spelman said yesterday, that there was no such rule in the council policies “as it is only jeans, shorts, T-shirts and sneakers that are listed as prohibited clothing in our council, nothing about overalls and gumboots”.

He also added that just before the meeting began “one of several ANC councillors” mocked them about their gumboots, allegedly saying they were smelly.

EFF Reps

A clearly agitated Spelman said:

“When we raised a complaint with council speaker (Simphiwe Magini), he did not allow us to speak, but instead ordered that we be removed as we were allegedly dressed inappropriately,

“The speaker told us that we flouted the council’s standing rules on dress code and that we should not be allowed back in council unless we changed our overalls,”

“We are not happy about what the speaker did. It was humiliating and embarrassing and it lowered our dignity. It really made us a laughing stock.”

Speaking also on how they were humiliated by the speaker of the house, Langasiki said they would not let the humiliation pass as they have reported the matter to their party leadership.

“We are going to challenge this unconstitutional action, even if it means taking the matter to court. We just cannot let this slip away, because if we do, they will continue to mistreat us as we are minority in council,” Langasiki said.

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Langasiki and two other EFF Councilors were On Tuesday also sworn-in at Alfred Nzo district municipality council, where they were once again shown the door.

The three were asked to leave moments after they were sworn in due to their “unacceptable” dress code.

This is not the first time EFF Councillors were removed from Eastern Cape municipalities’ chambers since the local government elections.