EFF Puts Shoulders To The Wheel Ahead Of Manifesto Launch


In as much as opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has promised South Africans a red letter day during its manifesto launch on Saturday, the party has continued to put its shoulders to the wheel in order to deliver its promises.

We will recall that the Democratic Alliance (DA) painted South Africa blues last Saturday during its manifesto launch. The opposition party also swept the ruling party (ANC) off their feet with the turn up of their fans. And as expected, the DA convinced South Africans to dump the ANC because the ruling party has obviously failed to keep its promises.

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EFF Invites People For Manifesto Launch

Away from that now, ANC’s major opposition party, EFF is set to garner more supporters during its manifesto launch. Eff’s chair, Dali Mpolu was seen together with some party members in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg, on Wednesday sharing pamphlets to people ahead of the launch.

The party would be hitting the Orlando Stadium on Saturday for its historic event. Mpofu approached several people in a small shopping complex in the area, urging them to attend the party’s manifesto launch.

While the exercise lasted, Mpofu got a warm response from most people while others paid less attention. A street vendor selling facecloths, cellphone covers, who pleaded anonymity asserted that political parties’ visit in the area is not new as most parties only make promises without fulfilling them.

“We have had… people from the ANC coming here. They make a lot of promises but nothing ever changes,” said the vendor who was not prepared to give his name,” the vendor said.

Another woman was sighted dressed in a DA T-shirt. When asked why she chose the party, she simply replied, “It’s my right, it’s my right.” She however agreed to have a shot with Mpofu but refused to accept the party’s red beret offered to her.

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Eff’s Mpofu expressed satisfaction with the exercise, stating that it was important for people to see that the party was able to come to the people where they were.

Meanwhile, the party’s events in Orange Farm were cancelled because the party’s leader, Julius Malema, who was scheduled to speak at the events is currently mourning his aunt who died earlier this week.