EFF Manifesto: See What You Will Enjoy If You Vote For EFF


Elections are around the corner and political parties are getting busy dishing out their mouth watering promises of what they would do when elected. Soweto, a suburb of Johannesburg, was on Saturday painted red as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) marched to the Orlando stadium to launch its party manifesto rally.

On this day, the EFF, through its party leader, Julius Malema outlined irresistible and mouth watering promises of what the party will do for the people if voted into local government on August 3.

Taking good advantage of the presumed failure of the ruling ANC, the  EFF gave out that they believe will be a sonorous song to the ears of its hears in its hearers through its manifesto which was centered on “organisation, activism, superior logic and taking the people along”

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Part of the strong promises  made by the party was that it would not be party bias in its political appointments of offices. Speaking on this, Malema said the party all appointments will be made based on qualifications.

“We’re not going to hire anyone on the basis that they’re EFF leaders. We’ll hire you based on your qualifications. We’re tired of the ANC hiring teachers who majored in geography to be in charge of technical services.

One other important issue highlighted by the party was to ensure free water and electricity for the poor. Malema accused the Zuma led ANC of not caring about the welfare of the poor. He  said the fact that white farmers all had electricity‚ water and flushing toilets while the rural communities around these farms had nothing showed that the ANC government did not care about the people.

Under an EFF government‚ Malema said‚ businesses would pay 40% of their profits to local municipalities and that the money would be used to uplift the local communities and the poor.

Further more in the manifesto, the party promised to abolish tenders and set up fresh markets and meat processing plants in each municipality to ensure food security in communities across the country. This according to them, will also help in job creations

“The EFF will never forcefully impose its programme on the majority against their will, and will practically and physically resist any political party, movement and individual who imposes their narrow wishes on the majority,” the document read. he added

“The imposition of narrow wishes can happen through closing of the democratic space, suppression of mass protests, and rigging of elections. Anyone who engages in these undemocratic and immoral activities will face the wrath of the masses under the political leadership and guidance of the EFF.”

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Other promises highlighted by the party include:

  • We’ll name streets after our heroes. There will be nothing that is named after apartheid people under an EFF municipality
  • We want to give you unlimited wi-fi in public spaces. Don’t use wi-fi to watch porn. Go to useful sites! It must help you access jobs
  • Every councillor must make their cell number public. They must be accessible 24 hours
  • If you’re a councillor in Soweto and you go live in Midrand. That’s the end of your job. We’ll elect a new one.
  • EFF municipalities will be open 6 days. Workers must be able to access municipalities on weekends
  • We don’t want a municipality that gives people houses in exchange for sex. We want one that will bury the poor.
  • We want a municipality that will give people jobs‚ that will look after the elderly and orphans

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The EFF, who obtained just 6% support nationally in its first election in 2014, hopes to unseat the African National Congress (ANC) in municipalities by governing outright or entering coalitions. After getting off to a slow start on Saturday, the 40,000 capacity Orlando Stadium was almost packed to the rafters shortly after midday.

The party leaders vowed to “out-organize” the ANC, who at its own manifesto launch failed to fill the Nelson Mandela Stadium two weeks ago. The governing party attributed the poor turn-out to “sabotage”, prompted by infighting.