EFF Condemns Police Brutality Against Blacks In Rustenburg


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), in a statement indicated that they will no longer tolerate, and will be fighting police brutality against blacks people in South Africa.

Stating that the party “condemns the police brutality against black people in Yizo Yizo informal settlement, Rustenburg, with the contempt it deserves,” it was disclosed that the “North West South African Police Service (SAPS) opened fired in the Yizo Yizo (Tlhabane in Rustenburg Municipality) Squatter Camp against striking workers who were fighting for their wages from the security company called – Glory To Success.”

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BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the Yizo Yizo Squatter Camp workers were pissed after their pay checks were delayed by their employer. Their pleas for their earnings were ignored so the workers took their employer’s car and kept it in the camp as a form of protest, intending to release it when the get their pay.

The employer invited the Tlhabane SAPS to get back the car. EFF narrated that “five police vehicles were dispatched to Yizo Yizo Squatter Camp to recover the employer’s vehicle. Community members, including Given Bogatsu, went out to witness what was going on.

The police recovered the vehicle and as they drove off from the scene, one police vehicle opened fire on the peaceful crowd, thus one of the bullets hit Given Bogatsu in the head.”

With that, The EFF and community members marched to the police station demanding the arrest of the police officer that shot Bogatsu. The Colonel on duty reportedly dismissed the disgruntled people claiming that they can’t proof the shots were fired from the police vehicles.

While it was related that the police “angrily shouted – this is not Parliament, we will deal with you quick quick – you EFF carry on like you are in government, we are not going to tolerate that’, the statement alleged that the Thlabane police station used rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the protesters and injured many more people.

The EFF thus submitted that “police brutality will not be tolerated particularly on workers who demand what is rightfully theirs. The EFF will not retreat when threatened by police for supporting and participating in the struggles of our poor communities. Police brutality against unarmed protesters must come to an end,” the statement reads.

In line with that, the EFF Bojanala leadership have opened a case against the police for the shooting of Given Bogatsu. EFF stated that “after the Marikana Massacre, it would be expected that police have become cognitive of workers rights.

It can’t be that an employer who has not paid wages gets five police vehicles dispatched to recover his vehicle and nothing is done about paying his employees. Instead, police open fire on a peaceful and unarmed crowd after they have recovered the vehicle.”

The  20-year old Given Bogatsu is presently hospitalized with critical injuries.

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