Did You Know EFF Is Benefiting From Zuma’s Refusal To Resign?


Although the opposition party refused to take part in some of the debate to oust Zuma, they’ve consistently indicated their intent to do away with him as the leader of the nation. Yet, they’re the biggest beneficiaries of Zuma’s refusal to resign.

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The fighters troubled Zuma a great deal. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. They are the major instigator of the calls for Zuma to step down. From “butternut head” to “kleptomaniac”, “Zupta” and “irresponsible”, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have referred to honorable Mr President, Jacob Zuma with the most meanest words and phrases.

Notwithstanding, Zuma’s refusal to resign is of no little benefit to the EFF.

This is according to a Financial Mail report where Roelf Meyer, the first minister of constitutional development in Nelson Mandela’s post-democracy cabinet stated that Zuma’s stubborn insistence to remain President is a big plus to the EFF.

Meyer reportedly argued that credibility is lost in the leadership affairs of the nation. To Meyer, Zuma’s decision to axe Nene, the then Finance Minister, is “the biggest mistake in recent history”. And that, with the Constitutional Court ruling over the Nkandla matter contributed to the lack of credibility.

Meyer thus, opined that the only way to restore credibility in the country is to oust Zuma. He analogized that the stakes are even higher with the fast approaching local government elections.

“The ruling party will most certainly suffer in the local government elections [if he does not step down]. They might even split. And the biggest beneficiary either way, if Zuma refuses to go, will be the EFF.” Meyer revealed.

Meanwhile, there are insinuations that some big shots within ANC are  crafting bold plans to oust Jacob Zuma as ANC President and the President of South Africa as soon as the local government elections are over.

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