EFF Are Just Goons And Not Redeemers – Here’s A Proof


Obviously, the endorsement EFF is currently gathering is as a result of the massive outcry relating to the flop in this present administration. Thanks to Zuma, Julius Malema and EFF are increasingly seen as the party to restore the reputation and honor of South Africa whereas they go about bullying South Africans in the manner of their recent attack of the End Times Disciples Ministries.

Regardless of such incidents revealing that the EFF are just bullies, anticipating to bully Zuma and ANC out, cunning to bully themselves in as the ruling party, and then ultimately get the chance to bully the whole South Africa, the EFF have gained popularity as many South Africans (especially blacks) have applauded the party “as the ideal political party”

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Meanwhile, if Julius Malema wasn’t according to him, used like a toilet paper, and like condoms by the ANC, he would still be a fast friend of Zuma, he would be with the ANC, and will definitely help propagate their ideas. He wouldn’t ask Zuma to pay back the money spent on the security upgrades, he wouldn’t have to liken Zuma’s head to a butternut, and wouldn’t have founded the EFF. But then, Malema was used and “flushed in the toilet”. So he founded EFF in 2013.

Don’t get it twisted, the essence of founding EFF was more about getting even and not about redeeming South Africa. That’s the reason they’re wild and seemingly depend solely on violence.

EFF attack Church

For if the EFF are to redeem South Africa, they ought to have known that the constitution enshrines the right to freedom of religion, they would’ve known that attendance is as stipulated in the constitution, free and voluntary in the End Times Disciples Ministries, they would’ve known our constitution protects the right of persons belonging to a religious community to practice their religion together with other members of that community, and to form, join and maintain voluntary religious associations, they ought to have tasked the sitting justice of the Constitutional Court to proffer judicial opinion that will take care of the unusual, odd and absurd happenings at the End Times Disciples Ministries. But then, EFF is just a gathering of bullies so they settled for attacking the church instead.

Penuel Mnguni

If EFF can redeem South Africa, what happened to a peaceful protest against the activities in the said church? Isn’t it illegal to destroy properties? Isn’t vandalism a crime? Who made EFF the Executive arm of our government? Well the Economic Freedom Fighters are mere bullies and as such, their best option was to burn the strange pastor’s tent.

South Africa is a free state, and freedom at times means people are free to be dumb. EFF should have known that. They shouldn’t have intended to forcefully feed Penuel Mnguni rodents just because he pastors a congregation willing to feed on such things. That says a lot about how EFF intends to ensure fairness and equity as an aspiring political party. Moreover, an intense investigation should be launched to ascertain if the members of the church are not influenced, and are 100% responsible for their actions during church service as seen in the video footage below.

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