Edgars Tenders Apology To A Mother Sent Away From Store For Changing Diaper And Breastfeeding Her Baby


Edgars has tendered an apology to a woman who was asked to leave the store in Cavendish Square because of some obscene reasons.

Lactating mother Tasneem Botha said she was promptly asked to leave Edgars in Cavendish Square on the grounds that she changed the diaper on her five-week-old baby and went ahead to breastfeed the baby inside the store.

Botha said the store’s manager walked up to her and told her she would need to find a changing room to continue with what she was doing with her baby.

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She said the store manager told her it was unacceptable to breastfeed or change the diaper on her baby inside the store.

To add salt to injury, some Edgars staff members deemed it fit to laugh at Botha as she walked out of the store trying to console her crying baby.

“As I was walking out of the store, two of the other staff members thought it was funny. They mocked me as I walked out of the store with a crying baby.”

The Edgars holding company Edcon, has since tendered an apology to Botha who accepted and expressed her happiness at the move and prays the company follows through and ensures it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

As expected, the incident sparked off a lot of anger in many mothers which led to an organised protest that will be held at the store on Sunday.

In a statement, Edgars said they were already discussing the matter and working with various stakeholders, including breastfeeding advocacy groups, to help improve internal processes at the store.

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