Dump Zuma Now, Or Kiss SA Goodbye Come 2019 – SACP


SA Communist Party (SACP) has called on ANC to dump Zuma or kiss SA goodbye. The party wants President Zuma to be removed from office immediately.

SACP’s general secretary Blade Nzimande remarked that the ANC would continue to deteriorate if corrective measures aren’t actively implemented.

He was addressing media practitioners in Johannesburg after SACP’s central committee meeting this weekend.

Nzimande pointed-out that South Africans are increasingly tired of being taken for-granted.

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“They believe ANC formal structures are inward-looking,, preoccupied with factional battles and money politics. They believe the conduct of ANC politicians is often arrogant and aloof.

“All South Africans are deeply concerned about corruption,” he added. And, argued that ANC oughtn’t to have flagged Zuma in its election campaigns.

To him, ANC should have taken the attention away from Zuma.

“The opposition parties had very little to say about local policy content. (They focused) on our national leadership’s shortcomings whether real or alleged,” he indicated.

Speaking also, SACP’s deputy general secretary, Solly Mapaila, called on the ruling party to clean up the image of its leadership.

“The big issue is not so much about what we say, but it is about what the people perceive of the ANC under his leadership. Research and polls showed that (Zuma) had the lowest ratings as president.

“The ANC has to come out much more clearly, clean itself, and clean the image of its leadership. Unless we do something drastic, then we must kiss the whole country goodbye,” Mapaila warned.

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SACP thus, charged ANC to hold a consultative national conference and clean up its mess. The Communist Party said ANC won’t shut them up with threats of removing their ministers from the Cabinet.

“Don’t hang Cabinet positions over our heads to make us keep quiet…sober up (and take) serious corrective action,” Nzimande remarked.