Australian Media Harasssing Faf du Plessis Over Ball Tampering Issue


Proteas team manager, Dr Mohammed Moosajee has rebuked the Australian media and Channel 9 News in particular for harassing Du Plessis over the ball tampering allegation against him.

Moosajee’s reprove follows another harassment incident at Adelaide Airport.

Commenting on the incident, Dr Moosajee remarked that the Australian media has been advised on numerous occasions that Cricket South Africa and captain, Faf du Plessis, are not in a position to comment on the alleged ball tampering issue.

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The team manager lamented that despite Proteas’ best of intentions to cooperate with the Australian media, that Channel 9 News’ behaviour has been disappointing.

According to him, Proteas’ media protocol has been blatantly ignored, both at the team’s hotel in Melbourne on Friday and Saturday and again at the airport in Adelaide today.

“This is the third incident of a reporter aggressively harassing our players with blatant disrespect of the above-mentioned media protocol.

“The reporter at the airport disrespected us and continued to harass Faf for comment. The reporter was also in the unusual position of being in the middle of the players’ walkway to the bus.

“He was advised to move three times and did not adhere to this request. The reporter, who also had no official accreditation, then proceeded to lunge towards Faf with an unknown object causing a direct breach of security protocol. The reporter also shoved the team manager in the back,” narrated Dr  Moosajee

Adding that the Proteas, throughout the tour, have respected all of its media obligations and treated media with the utmost respect, Mr Moosajee implored that the Proteas would like to see the respect reciprocated.

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We “will not accept such behaviour as displayed by the Channel 9 News reporter,” he warned.