DStv Announces Its 2016 Subscription Hike


It’s 2016, and South Africa has undergone series of hikes in the resent times. Fuel Hike, e-toll hike, electricity tariff hike and today we have the DStv price hike being announced.

If you happen to be a subscriber of DStv south Africa, then be aware that you have to increase your subscription levies once again as the multiChoice’s subscription TV service is hiking its prices by as much as 8.6% to 10% and with effect from April 1. The new set of  bouquet prices have just been released.

For the very first time ever, DStv Premium has broken through the psychological level of R700 per month and as expected, the subscription hike has been blamed on the current slop the rand has found itself in against the US Dollar.

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With this, Multichoice found itself in an unfavorable condition as it acquires content from the global market where stronger currencies like the British pound and the United States dollar are used.

“A lot of DStv’s content is based overseas so it buys in dollars and euros. Its operating costs have increased substantially over the past year so it’s seeking to pass on some of those increases in subscription fees in the various bouquets it offers.” Duncan McLeod, Editor of TechCentral said.

MultiChoice has to pay in dollar and sterling for its international TV channels supplied by various channel providers for its DStv platform, as well as to procure expensive sports content rights, that combined run into billions of rand annually. Similarly local broadcasters like M-Net and e.tv buy the foreign content to schedule on their locally packaged channels in dollar from Hollywood.

Effectively, if Multichoice got R839 for the premium bouquet ($77) in April 2014, they would now be getting about R893 because of the current value of the dollar against the Rand. There’s been an increase already of 6.44% in the price, which a high percentage change than what Multichoice South Africa is increasing the DStv Premium bouquet.

When Asked if the satellite service wouldn’t be taking risky steps by its choice is this high increase, McLeod conceded that it’s no doubt a big risk.

“For the first time, South Africans have the option of pay per view. For example, there was the launch of Netflix at the beginning of the year. We have other local services which are priced in the region of R99, Showmax which is owned by Naspers, is also a streaming service which is doing well.”

MultiChoice said it should be noted that DStv Access and decoder insurance prices did not increase, and that DStv EasyView pricing decreased.

Here is The New DStv Price List  For South Africans

DStv Package

2015 Price (In Rand)

2016 Price (In Rand)

DStv Premium R699 R759
DStv Extra R425 R459
DStv Compact R319 R345
DStv Select R119 R219
DStv Family R119 R219
DStv Access R99 R99
DSTV Easy View R39 R29
A-Net Analogue/CSN R335 R369

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