Please Step In Presenter Dosto Noge Fired In The Most Inept Way


TV presenter Dosto Noge has been fired by the popular reality show on Mzansi Magic, ‘Please Step In’.

The much celebrated come back of the veteran presenter to TV was short-lived. This is because ‘Please Step In’, a family-building show in which presenters Noge and Angie Diale intervene in disputes with the aim of bringing families together has relieved him of his duties.

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Dosto Noge confirmed that he has been removed from the show when he got an SMS followed by a call, informing him not to attend the promo shoot scheduled with other Mzansi Magic.

However, he expressed his disappointment and confusion in the manner he was fired but maintained that he held no grudges.

“Why should they treat me like that at my age? I feel sorry for younger generations coming after us if this is the kind of treatment artists are getting.

“I was under the impression that the channel was happy and the show was doing well. I met Basetsana Kumalo [Connect TV boss] and she congratulated me on the work I was doing,” Noge said.

“But if the producers of the show were unhappy with me, the decent thing to do would be to call me and say what the problem is. I don’t have a beef, and I would have appreciated whatever reason they gave me, not with SMS and e-mails. I’m an adult, I have three grown kids, they should have called me in.”

Noge reflected on the time he spent on Please Step In, saying it made him more aware of the bigger problems people are facing out there “People are going through difficult things,” Noge said.

“I also realised the tough part which is having to solve a 10-year problem in four hours. We did interviews in the morning and the issue would have to be sorted in the evening. I walk away with no bitterness. I’m not going to be a hobo. There’s no beef.”

Dosto Noge became a household name in South Africa as the co-host of Ngomqibelo-KaMokibelo on SABCTV, he was also the brain behind popular moniker “duku duku” for the Selimathunzi variety show on SABC1.

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Kumalo confirmed that Noge had left the show and that his partner on the show Diale would be hosting alone.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with a television personality such as Dosto Noge.

He remains a part of the Mzansi Magic family and we look forward to working with him on future projects,” she said.