Doom-Spraying Prophet Claims God Can Make Him Disappear From Jail


Supporters of Limpopo’s controversial “Prophet of Doom” stormed the Limpopo High Court in Polokwane on Monday morning to show their support for the embattled prophet.

A group of about 60 people wearing T-shirts with the words “Hands off the Anointed One” written on them, all scrambled to secure a spot inside the court, where the pastor was to make his first court appearance.

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Other supporters‚ most of them women, who could not get a seat inside the court, were seen singing outside the high court building on Biccard Street.

Supporters inside the court hailed and cheered the pastor when he finally appeared in two-toned formal shoes and a slim fit maroon jacket. He was accompanied by bodyguards, who kept an eye on him all through.

Supporters wore T-shirts written ‘Touch Not The Anointed One’ to the court.


Pastor Lethebo Detective Rabalago, of Mount Zion General Assembly, made the appearance to convince the court on why the interdict sought against him should not be made final.

The Limpopo department of health had brought an urgent application for the court to interdict the doom-spraying prophet and members of his Mount Zion General Assembly church in Zebediela from spraying people with Doom.

The case was later postponed to March 20, in order to give the parties involved time to exchange documents. His legal representative Edmond Lubisi said the postponement will give him more time to prepare.

Lubisi expressed strong confidence that the case – which involves the law and faith – is not a strong one‚ adding that the two should be kept separate.

On their way to catch a bus after the court session‚ Rabalago’s supporters were singing: “Where there is Doom‚ there are no problems.”

Hours before his court appearance, Rabalago said he was not afraid of jail. The embattled pastor dared law enforcement to arrest him, saying jail would not stop him from performing miracles. He further told The Sowetan he believed God could make him disappear from the jail cells.

To crown it all, the doom-spraying prophet told reporters that he believed God could make him disappear from the jail cells. Rabalago even vowed to perform obtrusive and showy miracles this year “as long as God permits”.

The controversial church leader made headlines within and outside the country after he was captured on camera, spraying Doom insecticide on some members of his congregation while performing express miracles.

According to the church, a congregant, and ulcer patient, Mrs. Mitala instantly got her healing after the doom-spraying prophet sprayed doom on her.

Since Rabalago’s ‘show’ went viral, South Africans have also been awed by some other ‘pastors’ performing bizarre miracles on members.

One of them was Prophet Rufus Phala of AK Spiritual Christian Church in Makgodu, Limpopo, who made his congregants drink antiseptic liquid Dettol for healing.

Mysterious Phala said he decided to give his congregants Dettol because the liquid is harmless. He said God instructed him to feed Dettol to his congregants, and has been receiving heart-warming testimonies from those who got their healing.

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Last week, we reported about a Malawian pastor, based in Lusaka, who ordered airtime to rain from heaven to his members’ phones.

After two hours prayers, some members testified that their phones were credited with airtime.

I bet no one would want to see more of these ‘pastors’ this year whether healing takes place or not.